Villages Uprising

Once upon a time in the year 1850 there was an archaeologist who is an addict in gathering ashes and other artifacts from the dead. he traveled throughout the world to gather the pieces of the remains of the decease and store it in his museum as well as sell it out to the black market within his hometown/village named "Chi no fuchi"/ "血の淵" (try google translate that)

However, in 1853 Hell was raised due to the artifacts. Thus, the government decided to put the village on lock down

in the present day of 2018, A technological geek school boy "Takeshi" failed to enter his preferred high school. on the other hand, he got a call from his aunt that the village of "Chi no fuchi" has a free of admission high school. Thus, he decided to relocate there for his studies.

Takeshi notices a strange atmosphere surrounded within the village especially his school. As things gets worse, He decided to investigate
What lies ahead, is the EXTREME HORROR that awaits him.....

UpdatedMar 19, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,837
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