The Legend of the Pervy Archangel

Warning: This novel is crass, disrespectful, perverted, and vulgar.

Everyone knows about the Archangel Michael. He's God's right-hand man, the leader of Heaven's Armies, and the best swordsman in Earth, Heaven and Hell. He's also a pervert, a panty thief, and a peeping Tom, but most people don't know that.

After he's caught peeping on several female angels while they’re bathing, God punishes Michael by stripping him of his title, casting him out of heaven and forcing him to live on earth as a human. If he wants to regain entrance into Heaven, he must repent by forsaking his salacious ways. Unfortunately for the licentious Archangel, his pretty new housemate is making his desire to repent and return to Heaven extraordinarily difficult.

This really wasn’t one of God’s better ideas.

UpdatedDec 17, 2016
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count74,129
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