BANG!! Goes the World

The underground city of Los Riveracci is a movement, a vibe unlike any other earthly city known to man. It is a home to the weak, to the lost, to the outcasts. A realm for punks, deadbeats, and everything in between. Where one can truly be themselves.

It was not built lightly, however. It is a city built on the back of a fallen criminal empire, and lately, that same empire is beginning to revive itself.

And so, a wild series of stories begins. The two ex-mafia who built this city. A college student trying to find everyone she once loved. A mysterious reaper learning who he truly is. Two robots challenging the city with their existence. A young girl on the verge of falling apart. A government agent hiding a secret. An icy shut-in and his queen.

This and many more stories will collide in an explosive, no holds barred, battle tournament, with relationships, pride, and lives on the line.

GenreActionGun ActionMysteryCrimeCyberpunk
UpdatedJun 10, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count29,732
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