Scraped Souls

The year is XX41. Ninety years ago, the world experienced a second continental drift. Following fifty years of war and a ten-year civil war, Japan regained its freedom. Twenty years later, the National Police Investigation Force discovers a biologically enhanced boy in a secret lab; the only living survivor of a series of human experiments carried out by one of the old revolutionary groups. He's placed in the care of an elderly detective and his office full of eccentric employees. Struggling to adjust to a technologically advanced world and come to terms with his 'upgrades' and traumatic past, the boy uses his powers to assist his new family in solving cases in the hope that he will find a purpose for his life. "I'm not human, but I'm not a monster or a machine either. Even in this world, I'm an outlier. But is there still someone that I can save and a place that I can belong?"

UpdatedJun 29, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count4,383
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