I Accidentally Killed The Protagonist

Shintaro Kiriguchi is eager to make the most of his second year of high school. He feels as if, this time, someone is watching over him, making sure everything will go just right, and his sakura-coloured school life is just around the corner. And with that determination in mind, he sets off back to campus.

Only to be hit by a spacecraft.

Killed on impact, Shintaro is revealed to have been killed by Ezu, an alien invader. However, Nare, a Story Spirit whose job it is to ensure that everything goes right for the protagonist he just killed, is hardly pleased with this turn of events.

Now forced to make it up to Nare for ruining Shintaro's story, Ezu has no choice but to replace him and forge a new high school life for him. Where, this time, absolutely everything will go according to plan.

GenreComedySchoolSlice of LifeParanormal
UpdatedAug 31, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count28,802
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