The Mechanical Deer

The mechanical deer spirited across the empty parking lot at 30 mph. Each step was a miracle of technology. The deer's internal computer had to decide where to put its foot and how to balance its body on its feet. Humans and all legged animals know how to do this by instinct, but robots have suffered for the longest time. It was only recently that a robot could do anything resembling walking.

However, running wasn't the only thing the deer could do.

A man in a baseball uniform held his baseball in this hand. He was a hot shot MLB pitcher and the perfect candidate for the Hall of Fame. Frankly, he was only here for advertising purposes, but that didn't matter as he tapped the tip of his cap and pitched a 100 mph fastball at the deer. The deer didn't show interest in the ball until the very last moment when it ducked away from the ball, dodging it by mere inches and not losing any speed....

UpdatedAug 08, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count751
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