To the Dire Ends: Bloodstained kNight

"Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart and I will love you."

Lost in scattered memories and emotion, one humble king searches for the adventurer of Wonderland.

The unwelcome advent of a dark and perverse vampire has thrust Hakan's kingdom into its own little dark age. Against all despair, into the tranquil lands which have become breeding grounds for evil, through the depths of the most nightmarish dungeons, our knightly king campaigns to liberate his world from the tyranny of Night.

But when you step into a nightmare, even for the sake of others, you'd better be certain that you don't lose yourself to its harrowing darkness.

The line between fantasy and reality begins to blur after Hakan falls in battle. What was once an adventure of courage quickly becomes a struggle for sanity and sense in a world that seems to be losing its mind.

But one thing is for sure...

Hakan knows that he must find her.

Character illustration by Lilenee.

UpdatedSep 30, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count12,647
Featured fan art of this novel.