I’ll Wait For You At The Train Station

Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Chapters: 10

-A girl who was bullied since childhood grew up to have a lonesome, mediocre life. -A boy who was bored and unsatisfied have failed over and over. -They met one day at the train station, and their trivial story began. “Yes, they’re sharing a drink they called loneliness, but it’s bet...


Somehow, I fell in Love With My School's Biggest Gal!

Updated: Jan 04, 2019
Chapters: 6

Sora Kusagi was just an average 6th grade student, drifting his way through life with no clear direction, until the fateful day that he and his friends decide to play a cruel prank on their seemingly smutty classmate Aki Assagi. In an epic backfire, the two end up becoming friends and Sora quickl...


Ai no shiki: 4 seasons of love

Updated: Dec 01, 2018
Chapters: 2

She wasn't helpless but she chose to be one so that she doesn't feel the loneliness that was as much as part of her as was her blood. He hated two things in the world the most- those who hit others for themselves and those who take the pain for others. She thought of him as her lifeline. C...

The Neko Girl And Her Handsome Prince

Updated: Nov 10, 2018
Chapters: 1

Hitomi Kanazaki is a 17 year old girl, only she is no ordinary girl she is half cat half human a member of a race called "Catsune" Hitomi's life is a whirlwind of depression and despair, having been raised in slavery. years of being passed from person to person for use in ways that defy human dec...


Off kilter war of random occurring events

Updated: Jan 15, 2017
Chapters: 5

'Okworoc" or AquaRock What if a genre was actually a person. A sentient being that came to life because the love of authors, mangaka, cartoonist and, so much more had put enough passion and love put in their works that they became alive? A Raging Ikemen narcissist! A Dieng concept!! Horror as...