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Novice writer, and a bad one at that. Just writing whenever/whatever I feel like. G-I: Will update occasionally. Chapters 38 - 40.75 are not revised, so expect some minor differences (names). Will revise within the next week or so. If anything, you can contact me on Discord: Caskoj#1685 (May take time to reply)
Ever have an idea that was so perfect that you refused to let it become a one-off thing? Welcome to my career. I'm an avid horror fan writing what I believe others of the genre will love. Business email: dracypeterswork@gmail.com Twitter: @freaknaztec
Real Name - D. C. Priest Aspiring author from England Feel free to contact me on Discord: TheGrompPapa#7575
Pearlyn M. / Female / 20+ / Asian OTL
It has to be this way.
Account to write my shitty wincest stories...