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Pearlyn M. / Female / 20+ / Asian Oh no the mattress-
It has to be this way.
I am your god. Long may I reign.
A doofus who likes Japanese cartoons and comics and writes silly stories because the world can always use more humor. Creator of the webcomic Bodysuit 23.
Always on the grind. Find me not sleeping at Paints#0155
Light novel author, typographer, and lover of all things yuri. Not much else to say. If you would like to support my work by all means, feel free to donate to my ko-fi. Truth be told, I never cared for writing. I always hated it — even now I still dislike it, but it’s not as bad. Still, there are times where it can be fun.
Amateur writer, professional procrastinator Don't be afraid to interact with me, I won't bite ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
🪶Finalist of MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021