K. Aikyou

K. Aikyou

K. Aikyou hails from the Republic of S.A. Certified a scriptwriter by the Creative Arts College, all this, together with his obsession for Japanese / Korean pop culture, Hip-Hop as well as his religious affiliation, has afforded him the expertise, passion and uniqueness, both narratively and technical, to craft the Original English Light Novel series: Slate[=]Gray. Acting upon the words of the honorable Mr. Taro Aso to "enhance the voice of Japanese pop culture" and draw inspiration from the "form of presentation and expression" found in Manga; Slate[=]Gray, whilst holding innovation and authenticity in the highest regard, infuses English linguistics with the Manga format, resulting in a never-before-seen, hybrid-reading experience! Contact K. Aikyou via finalanimosity@gmail.com to learn more about this completely avant-garde, true-to-its-genre OELN.

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    SLATE[=]GRAY - The OELN Series
    K. Aikyou

    SLATE[=]GRAY - The OELN Series

    A calamitous repercussion during the "Great War of the 1800's, between the cerebral Kiu and emotionally devout Haikan, literally split "God's Table" in two! But, it's now the Dignified Era; year X125 of the islet's renewed history. The Kigainawa siblings, a pair of 15-year-old mixed race twins, a...

    K. Aikyou
    Updated: Jan 24, 2017
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