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I'm here to support my personal friend [muishiki] on her novel journey.
I'll try to show my support to those who will support her too.

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I am a big yuri fan and an avid reader. I have devoured many many pages of yuri novels and manga. I really can't get enough of watching those beautiful yuri seeds coming to bloom.
An asian shitty guy // Talk shits // Do shits // But dont give a shit
Nothing to talk about.
<Female> <Late 20s> ['x'] 《Yuri only》 《Girls Love Supremacy》 You can follow me so I'll follow back. Unfollow me and I'll unfollow back. Simple life. . .
Once upon a time, I was not a weeb, then I meet Xaginu x)))
Looking for golds.
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• Male • First-time novelist • Artist • Musician • Anime Otaku New Author, aspiring to be create a popular Manga and eventually an Anime series! If you like my work please share with your like minded friends and family! 28/06/22 UPDATE: Chapter 3 is now released, I will be taking a few days off over my birthday and will get onto writing Chapter 4 on Monday! Enjoy. Look forward to sharing my Novel with you and please follow me if you would like to follow my novel chapter by chapter! Arigatō gozaimasu!
Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! Usually post three chapters in a week. Usually go on breaks once an arc is over for The Way of The Sword. Love writing
Still finding my true north...
A young otaku who started recently getting interested in light novels...