Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.

registered at: Jun 17, 2022
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    Gnosis - writer
    Hello, I am freezedriedstrahd. I am a long time writer, but very new to "web novels". I hope you will enjoy my work.
    Naught more than a humble teller of tales...
    The dream of my life is to become a writer, and I intend to work hard to make this a reality sooner or later. For this reason I really appreciate the comments, and any criticisms, which could help me improve my style. Enjoy! Contact : cora.author.business@gmail.com
    hello! i usually go by grim. i hope you enjoy what i write :)
    It's Mea, like may(onnaise). I am currently working on Glitches in the Digital Afterlife, so stay tuned for more of the #GIDALverse exclusive to Honeyfeed only! ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა
    I like to read and write. I also like cats.
    Enjoy your life ❤ But always look for the truth...
    “One day the world shall tremble beneath my feet! [Insert evil laugh]” Y’ello! I like anime, but I like free stuff even more; I see web novel, I click (I’ll try to write some too). Will stick around for as long as I can afford internet access. Life aspiration: world domination. See you around, mortal.
    author of soulmate : reforged aspiring novelist so excited for honeyfeed x MAL competition!
    Hi, I'm Vidal Hernández, also known by my pen name Sosin, and I'm a writer, programmer, and translator.
    Hello there! Thanks for checking out my profile! I'm a long time fan of games, manga, anime, webtoons, and the like -- as well as a lifelong writing hobbyist who's joined the site to compete in the MAL/Honeyfeed writing contest. Though I'm new to this website, I hope you'll stick with me as I get used to things here!
    Gamer who likes reading light novels and manga
    Heya. I’m Arufa. I write (inconsistently) and draw (inconsistently). My life can be characterized as a series of misfortunate inconsistencies. My latest inconsistency is Mahō no Gakkō. I’d call it my most consistent inconsistency. I also offer critique. :D
    Three years ago, I wrote a cleaner version of Attack on Titan for my siblings called 'Fate of Earth'. Later, I decided to remake it, this time properly planned and written. I've been working on Mayhem on Earth since October 2020. Feel free to reach out for comments or queries.
    Recently finished Evangelion, it's been a struggle since then writing anything I've been remotely happy with.
    Hello, good morning or good time of the day, I'm Screaming Coffee. From another planet, no never mind, that's only an alias, I don't have the luxury to be delusional. I'll keep that trait contained in my stories, and I want you to read them. 21 Years Old | Male | Filipino - from the Northern Luzon area | Nihilist I've been writing for almost four years now, three of which amounting to practice, and now I'm ready for publication in case anyone knocks on my front door.
    An average anime, manga, and light novel enthusiast. I also game on my time off and try to clear every game 100%