Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.

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    A young otaku who started recently getting interested in light novels...
    Hey, I'm C.G. or Cosmo. Hope you enjoy my writings! *age: 19 *interests: writing, reading, anime, art, swimming, basketball, gymming, skateboarding, dance *pronouns: they/them
    Triple W Author----I didn't win three times though. Help me fund novel covers! Ko-fi link is at the 'house' icon button.
    My name is Jacob Rejex and I am a Canadian Writer who just from my last name is considered a reject. I am just writing to see if I can be recognized in some way. Side note: when it comes to a manga, anime or song, I'm always curious about knowing more about the characters and their plot line. in music, I become the terminator looking for some information or something new that is linked to the music video. what I said there makes no sense but I honestly am an addict in learning.
    Indie author writing Fantasy, Action and Boys' Love stories. Most of my works have a gay protagonist and/or BL sub-plot. I'm on Miao Miao.
    Anime and Manga fan for as long as I can remember. Let me know your feedback about my novel!
    Im just a guy who wants to share his stories with the world. My ultimate goal is to create my own version of the marvel, kamen rider, and Super Sentai universes. It's gonna be called the Number Verse.
    Hello there, I am TheHardWorkingStudent and I enjoy writing and reading Isekai, Fantasy, Action, Mytery and much more.
    Born in '99 - Arts (especially Puppetry), Metal, Occult, Anime + Gaming: Moba, Shooters/ First Person, Role-playing + MMORpg, Action-Adventure, Simulation , Puzzle, Mystery/ Survival horror Games, aaaand ANIME
    Hello internet stranger! To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of salad but I like pretending I enjoy eating it. I had indigestion the other day. Some day I wanna buy a Gojo Soap Dispenser (look it up). That's all.
    Still learning to write well... :o
    I'm new to writing webnovels, but I've been writing recreationally for years. I thought the MAL x Honeyfeed contest would be the perfect opportunity to put myself out there.
    (They/Them) I'm a feminine nonbinary person. I like cuddling, hand holding, and stories that make people feel good ^-^
    hello!! i'm lilya and i'm here to publish my story for the contest, but i love reading in general so looking forward to seeing many interesting works ❀ i love reading manga and i'm into joseimuke games like touken ranbu, mahoyaku, enstars and the like!! open to chat anytime on my discord (same name as here) or my twitter accs (liliantsia and fancifulily!!)
    I go by saa or yitsu! writer, webcomic artist, and illustrator. Our School is Perfectly Ordinary updates once a day or more until complete! (As always, writing with 50 tabs of research on a hyper-specific topic for a throwaway line I will never use again.)