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•‸• Female •‸• Fond of Girls Love stories •‸• Adore cats Sharing and liking my work would be greatly appreciated. It will serve as a source of inspiration for me as I continue to work on it. Arigatō gozaimasu. . . (✧▾✧)
Good day! I am Erasmo De Claraval, a humble Iberian writer. I enjoy Magical Girls, space, literature and the pursuit of knowledge. Let's get along!
I am a big yuri fan and an avid reader. I have devoured many many pages of yuri novels and manga. I really can't get enough of watching those beautiful yuri seeds coming to bloom.
Real Name - D. C. Priest Aspiring author from England Feel free to contact me on Discord: TheGrompPapa#7575
she/her, do not contact me, do not talk to me, i hate you, ect
I wanna get isekaid.
A long time fan of reading, I've recently taken up writing as well. A student of psychology, biology, fashion, history and the occult, I also dabble in cosplay and other hobbies.
<Female> <Late 20s> ['x'] 《Yuri only》 《Girls Love Supremacy》 You can follow me so I'll follow back. Unfollow me and I'll unfollow back. Simple life. . .
Hello, I'm a writer trying my best to get better at what I like to do. Critiques and constructive criticisms are appreciated as they help me grow as both a writer and a person. I hope to enjoy my stay here. Have a pleasant day.
Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.
Just a developer and mathematician that loves to overcomplicate stuff! Also someone who enjoys writing in my free time!
Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! Usually post three chapters in a week. Usually go on breaks once an arc is over for The Way of The Sword. Love writing