Fuyunonagare has lived in Japan for the last three years after graduating from college. Living in a different country has truly shaped their ideas of the world, society, humor, storytelling, and what they like. Funny how it took 12000km to figure oneself out. Since they are working full time, they try to update when they can. What you see here is only a sliver of what they actually have written down and what they like the most!

Winter 2017 Jam: Demi-chan, Konosuba 2, Ao no Exorcist 2, Rakugo 2 & More!

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    Updated: Feb 26, 2017
    Chapters: 17

    Every five years, the Race for Regeneration is held. At the command of the all-powerful deity Altheggan, twenty four planets send a representative on a journey through a ring of planets to Protogenia. There, on that journey, those representatives are pushed to their limits while encountering des...