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    Future bestseller. 4k words a day that's my goal, two 250-350k word books a year. Let's do this.
    A bored engineer who wanted to write a little bit as a hobby with the dream of giving up on being an engineer.
    D-List cryptid. Writer with the heart of a swamp person. My friends and loved ones call me a memetic hazard.
    I like Steins;Gate quite a bit. Author of the 'Paralinear Chronograph' series, a collection of Steins;Gate short fanfictions. Also known as 'SynapticBlast'
    Hello! Though I'm a writer myself, personal circumstances currently limit me from contributing anything written. For now, I'm super interested to review and critique works on here, helping motivate aspiring writers. Feel free to contact me if you want to have your work looked at too. It'll be a pleasure working with you. :)