hello!! i'm lilya and i'm here to publish my story for the contest, but i love reading in general so looking forward to seeing many interesting works ❀

i love reading manga and i'm into joseimuke games like touken ranbu, mahoyaku, enstars and the like!! open to chat anytime on my discord (same name as here) or my twitter accs (liliantsia and fancifulily!!)

registered at: Jul 22, 2022
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    Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.
    Just reading for not being sad all day.
    Hi there, my name is pen-name Ushikuso Hachiro ☆. My real name is [redacted]. I spend a lot of time burrito'd in a blanket, on my second bed (my computer chair), trying my hardest to write a novel between working 40 hours a week and my unhealthy obsession with consuming as many Asian dramas (and manhwa) as possible. ☆☆Hooray for procrastination!!☆☆ My writing is a little rusty, so I hope you can enjoy the story even if it sounds a little odd.