Aiden Imaginaria

Aiden Imaginaria

18 years old and full of naïve dreams. My name is Aiden and I like to write action filled stories with no so morally right characters.
If you like my stories please let me know through a like or comment, it would mean the world to me! Critique about my works is very appreciated.

If for some reason you want to say something in private, I'm in the Honeyfeed Discord with the following username:
Aiden I. #4306

registered at: Aug 01, 2022
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    "Bend to the ideologies drilled into your brain since you were born. Bend to the group that wasted precious resources to nurture you. Justices come from the group, the corporation, and what is right or wrong doesn’t matter. Offer your heart and soul to the greater good, to the superiors who gra...

    Updated: Aug 31, 2022