I'm just a noob who doesn't know how to write,
trying to make my why trough the universe.

registered at: Dec 17, 2022


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Just a 21 y.o. webnovel writer from Greece 🇬🇷 If you don’t like dope stories, then feel free to ignore this account 😌
Just your friendly neighborhood skeleton who likes to write stories. 💀 Current Novel: (There a few things I've been working on, but I'm holding off publishing for a bit.) Ongoing Novels The Skeleton & The Idiot Sorceress. (On hiatus for a while) Finished Novels: -Pandora's Box -C.A.N. Collector Short Stories: -Cast from Eden -Into the Sunset Check out my socials that I rarely ever use.👇 Instagram: @skeletonidiot Email:
Just a 21-year-old girl from London trying to make it big in the world Dark Academia vibes