I write A BlackMarket LitRPG.

registered at: Jan 16, 2023
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    I have a lot of ideas but not sure how to get them out…
    Meet Kismet. He's a wordsmith, or in simple terms, a writer crafting stories for some cashola. Yep, he's a money-making maestro, and believe it or not, he actually enjoys it. Reading's been his jam since forever, though he did miss the Novels-Webnovels-Fanfiction boat for a bit—blame his unconventional upbringing. The cat-lover's journey began a few months pre-COVID (no, he wasn't affected; his magical powers made him immune), kickstarting for all this. You can find his stories on Royal Road and some other sites, and he might even get published on Kindle. You can also just subscribe to his Patreon page and read his stories without all the other fuss.