Matt Fusion

Matt Fusion

Just a writer writing for fun and a guy who gets a kick out of reading his own books. You can also find my books on Wattpad as Fusionstories.

Go check out some of my work, take a gander, who knows. You just might like it.

The type of books I write are adventure, action, fantasy, mystery, movie scripts, videogame plots, teenfic/ya and hmm, maybe mixed with a tad bit of romance.

registered at: May 20, 2023
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    I'm an amateur writer for about 30 years, but I took it more seriously in the last 15 years. I write anime and light novel inspired stories. Shift is my primary story, but I do have others both completed and in progress. If there is a desire to see them as well let me know and I can work on it.
    Hi! I'm Dischtopia, a library technician by day and aspiring fantasy writer by night. My work takes a lot of inspiration from anime, video games and–of course–fantasy novels, so if any of those things interest you, you may end up enjoying my fiction. When I'm not writing, I can be found on my fiancée's Twitch channel, as a regular guest. Feel free to pop in and say hi anytime! Finally, if you like my work, check out my Patreon at Any amount of support is appreciated, and will help me keep doing what I do!