"A girl, grown sick of her monotonous life, promptly decided to seek refuge in a new and popular shoujo manga and only during her mission of finding the one of her interest did she stumbled across honeyfeed. A beacon of light in her grey life, that's what the opportunity looked to her weary eyes, so she joined the portal."

Hello fellas,
I'm pretty active as a reader in fanfiction.net and Wattpad, and I sometimes write too in the same. Hope you'll like my works. Your opinions are always welcomed.

Narrative: third person POV mostly; sometimes first.

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, School-life; my favorite genre is horror and mystery though.

Nationality: India

Languages known: Tamil (native), Hindi (native), English (fluent), French (learning), Japanese (learning)

Favorite music:
Vocaloid (stories y'no)
Amvs (saves time complexity)
Maiko Fugita (look her up, she angel)
Naruto (feels)

registered at: Nov 10, 2018
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    Ai no shiki: 4 seasons of love

    She wasn't helpless but she chose to be one so that she doesn't feel the loneliness that was as much as part of her as was her blood. He hated two things in the world the most- those who hit others for themselves and those who take the pain for others. She thought of him as her lifeline. C...

    Updated: Dec 01, 2018
    DramaPsychologicalRomanceShoujoSlice of Life