Sitting in a lonely room,
Searching through my lonely memories,
Trying to find
The world within,
The world inside, me,
Where I am the only God.

The place where I see,
Judging God’s sins,
Praise the devil's deeds,
A place where light and dark combine.
Where souls roam without a body,
And soulless bodies cries
For their memories they hold.

My world is only an island.
Surrounded by a sea.
A sea of memories, that
I don't want back
Along the sea, floats
The bodies of the undead.

In this lonely island of mine
I am the only one,
The faith of the blades and the truth
And the masks their sins.
Blades held and masks worn
By the bodies of the undead.

Bodies of the undead,
A funny thing to have,
In this lonely island.

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