Tuuli is a treasure! She is strong, nice, humble, and has a pretty braid. Whenever she cries, I can hear the wails of a myriad of forgotten side characters. Tuuli is very cool and I would buy all her baskets.

registered at: Mar 11, 2020
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    I am a beginner writer, an artist, and I enjoy reading comics, mangas, and more. My dream is to animate someday like tabbes, Emirichu, Wolfichu, Shgurr, CyhpherDen, and StarHeavenly. Anyways hope you all enjoy reading my book(s) Love you all❤
    A yuri gal with a penchant for writing fantasy, Eldritches, and queer romance. Most of my current works are short stories, but I hope to build up to writing longer tales. In the meantime, please enjoy a carefully crafted buffet of romantic fantasy~!
    “One day the world shall tremble beneath my feet! [Insert evil laugh]” Y’ello! I like anime, but I like free stuff even more; I see web novel, I click (I’ll try to write some too). Will stick around for as long as I can afford internet access. Life aspiration: world domination. See you around, mortal.
    If you liked my stories, please consider buying me a coffee on ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/supersession The plan is to release a professional quality LN with CGs, editing, typesetting, and writing (though this part might not be professional) by early 2022! I hope you'll be a part of my financially-insecure dreams.
    Just a College Student with too much free time.