Fantasy, horror, slice of life, romance, mystery, psychological. I adore to write many genres. Characters and storytelling are my forte! I'm greatly inspired by the feeling of anime and character driven video games.

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registered at: Mar 16, 2020
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    Hello, my name is Cyrix (Pen name TENCY). I'm a college student from the Philippines. I love to write fiction and it is one of my dreams to become a known author. I update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weekly.
    I wanna create fun stories with lots of themes! Meat! Meat! Meat!!
    I love to write, play games, read, and hang out. All hail the Great Dreamer, Cthulhu, who dreams in R'lyeh! I upload every Monday or every other Monday depending on my school and work schedule!
    A makech is a bejeweled beetle. I'm just a writer. --- makech17 @ instagram&twitter
    A writer who enjoys creating stories in the dark romance, fantasy, and supernatural action genres. I am mostly inspired by anime/manga and video games.