Hans Trondheim

Hans Trondheim

I'm a guy who loves to teach history, to write stories, and to give away free illustrations (if I have time).

I also give love advice occasionally, even though the girl I like rejected me multiple times. Feel free to approach and talk to me, you won't be embarrassed...

...and I don't bite.

Ever wondered how I look like? Well, think of that middle-age, fat, smelly, NTR-ish man that is the staple of hentai stories. Only, remove the smelly part, and I give useful advice without asking in return.

I took 'Hans' because I like a German-sounding pen name, and Trondheim is the first thing I saw on the map while thinking of a surname.

But rest assured, I'm no German, nor a European. My real name is closer to Latin American than in Euro-sounding names. If you're interested, I actually came from the Southeast Asian hell-hole known as P--

registered at: Mar 18, 2021
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