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    Fellow writer and aspiring artist the hands of the hands of the humble. From the age of two years old, when I first began learning my alphabet, I would watch my mother scrawl away in her journal for countless hours. She's gone now, but her passion lives inside of me to this day. I love to write stories about mystery, sci fi and paranormal stories of the supernatural. I am also a digital artist that focuses on concept art for the last few years. Email me at for any art inquiries.
    Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! Underground author just out here creating, and trying to get works out. Instagram: @miyamato.musashi @kaidousbagua
    Truly Yours *On Hiatus Indefenitely I'm new to the world of writing and art, but I hope this journey can bring a bit of positivity and entertainment for you and I, thank you for checking out my content, also feel free to share your thoughts, any feedback is welcome!! Also here's my IG where I upload artwork:
    A good for nothing who love writing a stories that been dreamt to be love by other.
    A bored novel writer and reader
    Just trying to make stories. Feel free to give them a read and leave a comment, thank you.