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Ko-fi's linked in the description, please buy me coffee Aspiring writer since 20th May, 2021. (Just putting it here so I don't forget)
20 years old, New York, loves spaghetti Go follow my Instagram @mirror_novel for more artwork, character designs, and more!! Thank you to anyone and everyone that reads my story... I appreciate it more than you know <3
A doofus who likes Japanese cartoons and comics and writes silly stories because the world can always use more humor. Creator of the webcomic Bodysuit 23.
More of a reader than a writer.
🪶Finalist of MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021
A writer hoping to gain more writing experience. I'd appreciate it if you'd give my story a read :)
So yeah, you will never find a more normal guy than me. And guess what, I decided to write a novel. And somehow, I got the "golden" opportunity to share my novel.
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