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More of a reader than a writer.
🪶Finalist of MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021
So yeah, you will never find a more normal guy than me. And guess what, I decided to write a novel. And somehow, I got the "golden" opportunity to share my novel.
A doofus who likes Japanese cartoons and comics and writes silly stories because the world can always use more humor. Creator of the webcomic Bodysuit 23.
20 years old, New York, loves spaghetti Go follow my Instagram @mirror_novel for more artwork, character designs, and more!! Thank you to anyone and everyone that reads my story... I appreciate it more than you know <3
A first-time writer hoping to gain more writing experience. I'd appreciate it if you'd give my story a read :)
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If you liked my stories, please consider buying me a coffee on ko-fi: The plan is to release a professional quality LN with CGs, editing, typesetting, and writing (though this part might not be professional) by early 2022! I hope you'll be a part of my financially-insecure dreams.