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Yo it's Tsukino uhh my favorite anime is 1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn 2. Assassination Classroom 3. D Gray Man 4. Guilty Crown My favorite games are 1. Hogwarts Legacy 2. Code Vein 3. Scarlet Nexus 4. Skyrim 5. 3 Persona Games(Persona 3 Portable,Persona 4 Golden, & Persona 5 Royal) My Xbox username is Powerguy90 and my Discord username is Tsukino#1398. I have a procrastination problem 🙃
Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! Underground author just out here creating, and trying to get works out. Instagram: @miyamato.musashi @kaidousbagua
Just trying to make stories. Feel free to give them a read and leave a comment, thank you.