Kizna (ModNeet)

Kizna (ModNeet)

I'm a person who dreams of having his work recognized, I'm a beginning author, I love manga and anime and this made me have a great interest in starting my own story, I keep following the path of otaku, I hope that by reading my story you'll be able to connect to the characters, I currently have only one novel which is Eyes of the Mind, I hope that one day it will become a manga, maybe it's dreaming too much, but I'll believe it until the end, thanks for seeing my biography.

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    Eyes of the Mind

    Eyes of the Mind

    After the world catastrophe, named as the demonic cataclysm, which destroyed all the barrier stones between the mystical spirit world and the human world, the association of supernatural hunters starts a project to train new hunters to fight the evil that plagues the land, however a new would-be ...

    Updated: Aug 29, 2022