Chapter 3:

Chapter three: Lover's life

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

At the same time , in another house that looked like the student’s house it was similar to it

A guy was standing next to the window in his room

That guy was staring at the moon

He was wearing a black shirt with a red t-shirt under it and grey pants, he was wearing a yellow hat

He started to sing a song and he was enjoying singing it

Lover: Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars

He took his hat off and holded it in his right hand then he looked at the moon

He had a short black hair

Lover : ladies you can call me lover

He laughed for a second and raised his left hand pointing to the moon

He imagined that his hand was a gun, he was shooting the moon in his imagination

He smiled to the moon while he was looking at it

Lover: I’m so cool, right?

He wore his hat again while he was looking at the moon

Lover: hey mister moon , can you tell me?

He stared quietly to the moon without saying anything

Lover: why did he like the space that much?

He stayed quiet again for a second

Lover: come on of course you know mister moon

He stayed quiet again while he was staring at the moon

He put his hands in his pants Pockets

Lover: the space looks beautiful, doesn’t it? The stars, the planets and everything there, you can’t stop wondering about the secrets that lies there in that endless space but does it have love mister moon? Does it? Because there is a lot of stars millions of it , eight planets and a Sun but you are the only moon here, what is the reason of this? Are you in love with the sun? Or the Sun is alone just like you? You reflect it’s light that means that it’s alive just like the stars but you don’t have any light , you are empty from inside mister moon , the space has loneliness Just like the earth so how could it be different from the earth? Why would some humans risk there lives to see that space while it’s the Same as the earth? Do you have an answer mister moon?

Lover stared at the moon quietly again, he didn’t say anything he was just staring at it

He was imagining that he is talking to the moon, maybe the moon was special and important for him, but what does the moon mean for some one like him? Did he fall in love? Did he go there before? But it’s impossible that he was an astronaut , maybe he had a hard life and he had a special person that was always supporting him in that life and that person loved the moon then that person died and maybe that’s why he was talking to the moon, everything is possible in this life

Lover: I have an answer mister moon, do you want to know it?

He looked at the moon with convedence

Lover: because in the space you won’t find hatred you would never see a star who hates another star, you won’t find a star envying another star because it has a better job or a better life, you won’t find a star who only thinks about itself and only wants everything for itself, you won’t find a star wronging another star, you won’t find a star who wants to take revenge from another star because of something that happened in the past, you won’t find a star killing or stealing another star, you won’t find a star making fun and bullying on another star because it’s different, you won’t find a star betraying another star and that’s because everything in the space is pure the space is beautiful because of this that’s why humans risk their lives to go to that space because it’s pure that’s why it’s different from the earth, did you understand me mister moon? There’s loneliness in the space and there’s love there too but you will never find any hatred there

Lover was right, the space is pure and beautiful

He stared quietly at the moon for a minute

Lover: do you think that I’m right? I’m just a lover at the end, love is the ocean that never ends you can find it anywhere

He smiled and laughed for a second

Lover : you can find it anywhere just like me, I’m always wandering around alone

He laughed for a second again

Lover: I think that we are similar mister moon because we wander around without anyone with us, it’s lonely, isn’t it mister moon?

He took his hands out from his pocket

Lover was wearing a watch in his right hand, it was a golden watch with a red circle in the inner side it had black arms that watch looked beautiful

He looked at his watch to know the time

Lover : oh it’s one am

He looked at the moon again

Lover: sorry mister moon I have to go now

He left the room and went to the kitchen out stairs

Everything in lover’s house was exactly the same as student’s house

He took the knife and started to cut some meat that he took from the fridge , it was the last plate of meat inside the fridge

Lover: This moment needs a song, cooking is beautiful and it needs a song

He took his phone from his pocket and played a song and started to sing it too

Lover: The dreams of lovers are like good wine They give joy or sorrow Weakened by hunger, I'm unhappy Flying all the way I can Because nothing is free in life

Lover had a phone and that was different because student didn’t have a phone, maybe lover knew something about this world and that’s why he had a phone or maybe it’s just a coincidence

He turned on the fire in his cook then he put a pan

He took some butter from the fridge and put it in the pan

He waited for 5 minutes then the butter started to melt, he finished cutting the meat

He started to dance and then he started to sing that song again

Lover: The feast is on my path A life to hide and then free at last The feast is on my path

He was dancing while putting the meat in the pan

He started to move the pan to make the meat move inside it

Lover : this looks beautiful

Lover smells the food and smiles

Lover: belle nourriture (beautiful food)

He left the pan and took some bread from the fridge

He looked at the bread disappointed

Lover: it was a bad idea to make the fridge that cold

He threw the bread in the trash and then took from some toast from a shelf then put in the toaster

Lover: I think that my beautiful meat is ready

He went to the pan again and smelled the meat

Lover: yes it’s ready

He stopped the phone from playing the song

He took the toast from the toaster and put in a plate, then he took the plate and put near to the pan

Lover: it’s the Time for some art

He took some butter and spreaded it on the toast then he took the meat and put it on the toast too then he made a sandwich

He put off the fire then went to the living room with the plate and sit on the couch

Lover smiled and looked at the sandwich

Lover: ladies don’t do this at home, I’ll do it myself for you

He winked and smiled

He played the song in the phone and started to eat

Lover’s phone: The dreams of lovers are like good wine

Lover: delizioso (delicious)

He kissed the sandwich and started to eat again

After 3 minutes he finished eating, he went to the kitchen and washed the plate and the pan then he went to the bathroom and washed his hands

After he washed his hands he looked at himself in the bathroom’s mirror he winked and smiled to himself in the mirror

Lover: attention les miss, je suis très beau ( watch out ladies, I’m very handsome)

He went outside to the house’s door

His face became calm and he was quiet

Lover: Let’s go out on a walk mister moon

He wore his shoes and went outside after he closed the door , he started to walk in the street

The street was dark ,no lights only the moon in the sky that had light

Lover was walking and looking at the moon

Lover: maybe the Sun is the life of your life mister moon, she’s giving you her light all the time and that light is the most precious thing for the sun , if you really love someone you will do anything to see that person happy whatever it was, so are you happy mister moon? Because you should be

Lover started to sing with a more calm tune

Lover: Let me sing for ever more You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words, please be true In other words, in other words I love you

He was singing and dancing at the same time

It was a calm dance , he was just moving his body and arms slowly while looking at the moon

Lover: Misutāmūn oshiete,Dare ga watashi o aishiteimasu ka? ( Tell me mister moon, who loves me?)