Chapter 1:

Chapter One

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami Kyouya was heading back from another long day at the office. Okami hated paperwork how he found himself in a job where that was seemingly all he did was beyond him. He just wanted to skip the next fifty years and get to the point where he could retire. He wanted to live in the mountains, drink tea, and bathe in hot springs until he died as the world's oldest man.

He crossed the road and was suddenly fit by a large impact in his side throwing him into the air.
"Shit, I think I broke my arm, ribs and leg, what hit me," he thought
He looked down and saw he'd been hit full-on by a truck and was soaring onto the train tracks, right into the path of an oncoming train. He was hit by the train which shattered whatever remaining ribs he had and was tossed even higher into the air.
"This cannot get any worse," he thought
He thought wrong because he landed right on top of a crazy mugger on the platform whose knife went through him like he was warm butter. He closed his eyes confident nothing could be worse than what had just happened to him. 

Okami suddenly wasn't in pain anymore, he opened his eyes and found himself in a big cushy office lying on a checkerboard floor. He pushed himself up off the floor and looked around, there were shelves filled with folders covering every wall, towards the middle back of the room was a big desk behind it was a petite girl in a black pants suit with long silver-blonde hair that went down to her knees.

"Who are you, where am I," Okami asked
"I am the benevolent goddess Melsa, This is my office and you Mr Kyouya are very dead"
"Yeah, I got that from the Truck and train that hit me, as well as the knife that found its way into my heart"

"Yeah talk about over the top deaths, now time for you to fill out the paperwork for your next life"

"Next life, paperwork," Okami said in disbelief
"That's correct see we used to have an afterlife, but infinite multiverse only one afterlife, it filled up too quickly, so we divine beings tossed that idea and went with reincarnation, which is much more effective, easy to simply have the souls of the dead cycling through the different worlds saves having to make new souls as well, now here's your paperwork"

Melsa waved her finger and a pile of paper appeared in front of Okami.
"I have to fill this out?"
"Yes, that way you get to go where you want and who you want to be mostly, there are some things that are either concrete or completely random, used to be we gods filled it out, but it's easier for the reincarnates to do it"

Okami picked up the pen and began the long arduous task of filling out paperwork, some of the things were obvious, some important and some were just random. He had to enter his name, preferred species, preferred climate and whether he'd like to start his new life from birth. He chose to keep his name, made his species a beast-man, chose cold climate and to be reincarnated as his current age. He even had stat points with five stats and fifty stat points. He made his three main stats Strength, Speed and Luck. He finally answered the last question which was a suggestion as to how to improve the experience, he wrote less paperwork.

He placed the fifty pages of paperwork on Melsa's desk.
"I'm done, now reincarnate me"

"Wow for a guy who just died a horribly painful death, you're awfully eager to get back to life, but oh well i guess you can go"

Melsa waved her hand and Okami magically began to change, his skin grew darker, his hair turned Dark green and grew to cover his upper arms and lower legs. He sprouted a fluffy tail and his ears migrated to the top of his head becoming pointed and furry. His suit and tie changed into leather battle armour. He was no longer Okami Kyouya office worker, he was Okami Kyouya Beastman.

"Goodbye brave beast-man now go adventuring," said Melsa

Okami suddenly found himself in the middle of a snowy mountainside forest overlooking a town.

"Adventuring yeah right, time to go find a hot spring," He thought to himself