Chapter 2:

Chapter Two

My New Lazy life as a beast-man in another world

Okami began making his way up the mountain away from the settlement, reasoning that any untapped hot spring would be far away.
He grew suspicious however when he saw a mysterious bracelet on his wrist, it was silver with ornate detailing and a large green crystal orb in the middle of it.
Izaya could not reason as to why he was wearing it, the rest of his attire was simple leather armour as well as a cotton shirt and pants.
He tapped the orb with his finger and a holographic menu appeared in front of him.

"Seriously, they included game elements"

He saw the menu had a reasonable number of sub-menus. He opened the skills menu, hoping to find something to help him find a hot spring.
He got lucky and found near the top of his skill list the skill 'senses mapping' its description read 'locates marks of interest in the surrounding environment, range 10 metres, cooldown 30-seconds'.

"Senses mapping"

Okami suddenly was aware of a nearby campsite, as well as a nearby stream and a natural track heading up the mountain. He decided to start by checking out the campsite to see if he could get any information out of the campers, then he'd take the track up the mountain, the stream was encouraging it meant there was water on the mountain, and where there's water there is the potential for hot springs.

He crested a small hill and looked down onto the clearing where the campsite was supposed to be. He saw a man lying dead in the middle of the campsite surrounded by goblins picking apart his corpse and the campsite. The goblins turned their heads however and spotted Izaya standing atop the hill and they let out a savage screech.

Okami suddenly felt his entire body tense and his fingernails extended a full two inches. He spotted a notification in the upper left corner of his vision that read 'Passive skill activated: Battle instinct', a goblin leapt at Izaya with its club raised to strike, without even thinking Okami ripped out the goblin's throat with one swipe of his nails or it would be more accurate to call them claws.
He watched another notification appear below the first one, this one read 'Passive skill activated: Sloth strike'.
Okami had no clue what that meant but he knew he had to take out the goblins, the resources in that campsite were too valuable to leave behind.
He dove into the campsite and proceeded to rip at the goblins with his claws, he found the goblins throats each time as though his claws were being drawn to them like metal to magnets.

He lost track of how many he killed in the heat of battle by the time the battle was over he was standing amidst a circle of dead goblins bleeding out onto the earth, in the corner of his vision was a new notification that read 'level up, level 3'.
Okami quickly began to search the campsite for anything he could use, in his search he found a map of the area, a hunting knife, a small hatchet and some bottles of medicine.
He placed the knife and hatchet onto his belt and recalled he had a sub-menu marked inventory, curious he tapped on his bracelet to open the menu and selected the inventory sub-menu.
He had up to one hundred inventory spaces, he picked up a potion and experimentally pressed it towards the menu, the potion disappeared from his hand, and reappeared as an icon on the inventory menu.
He tried it with the other potions and learned that multiple copies of one item only took up one inventory space.
He tried disassembling the Campers tent and placing it in his inventory, it miraculously worked.

"Alright that's shelter taken care of, now  I just need to keep exploring the mountain and using my senses mapping, but before I do that I should check out those skills from earlier" Okami said to himself

He opened up the skills menu and found battle instinct was second from the top, it's description read 'Increased counter rate and increased Accuracy'.
He had to go further down the list to find 'Sloth strike' whose description read 'when a single-shot kill is established massively increase attack, critical rate and critical strength'.

"Damn, that's a good skill, I think I've figured out how the skills are sorted as well, the top ones are species skills, next comes unique skills and any skills that appear after that will be acquired skills, better resume my search though, Senses mapping" 

Okami found nothing new of note and began walking back towards the path leading up the mountain, he could see the cooldown timer for senses mapping in the upper right corner of his vision. He repeatedly used the skill as he ascended the mountain until he got a new notification 'Skill level up Senses mapping now level 2'.


He opened up the menu and checked the skill, the skills range had increased to 20 metres but the cooldown remained a flat 30 seconds. He figured if the range increased by 10 metres each level by the time he reached level 100, what he assumed was the max level, he'd be able to map a full kilometre.

He looked out towards the horizon, the sun was getting low and would set in an hour or two, then more monsters would appear. He decided to try senses mapping one more time and following that he'd find a clearing to camp in and start his search anew tomorrow.

"Senses Mapping"

Okami was in utter shock when his skill informed him of an untapped hot spring at the very edge of his 20-metre range. He ran and as he ran he received two notifications, he was apparently using the skills 'Beastial running' which sounded like a species skill and 'Energy preservation' which sounded like a unique skill. He decided to check them tomorrow what mattered now was  getting the to the spring location and setting up camp for the night.

He made it to the spot and quickly set up his tent as well as gathering wood for a fire. He managed to set up his tent alright now he only had one problem, how to light a fire without a lighter or matches. Okami had a basic idea of how to do it, rub stick between palms over a piece of wood covered with kindling and create a spark starting a fire, but he'd never done it before. He decided to give it a go anyway, thinking his enhanced beast-man physiology would make up for his inexperience.
He carved out a flat surface on a piece of wood and covered with dried nettles as kindling, he began rubbing a stick between his palms onto the piece of wood. He took a while to get started and he almost gave up but then, there was a spark and the kindling caught a light.
Okami smiled satisfied with his success and out of the left corner of his eyes he saw a notification that read 'Skill obtained: Survival skills', he suddenly felt confident he was going to make it in this world.