Chapter 67:

Volume 3: Chapter 1: Preparation - Part 3


Alicia glared at Yūgure all throughout first period. I didn’t know what she was so angry about, though maybe she was just surprised that Yūgure was at school at all. To be honest, I was pretty surprised as well, though I understood why she was attending school.

It seemed Yūgure had just learned how to hide her tails and ears on her own power, but that was only the first step toward blending in with humans, which was a must in this day and age. In an effort to get her used to being surrounded by humans, Matilda had enrolled her in this academy.

I didn’t know how she’d done it. Saitama Private Academy required people to test in, and they needed to score high on the exams. That was how I got in.

Then again, Matilda was a succubus, so perhaps she had seduced the principal into letting Yūgure enter without taking the exams.

Who could say for sure.

First class came to an end at the ringing of the bell, and as Ms. Kanzaki left for her next class, all of the students stood up as one and turned to Yūgure. Everyone looked at her with hungry eyes. Then they looked at him. Then they went back to Yūgure. After what seemed like sixty seconds worth of debating, the students apparently decided that grilling the new girl was worth being in his presence.

As one, they surged forward.

“Hey, hey! Where are you from?”

“Are you from Okinawa?”

“What was your original home like?!”

“Why are you sitting next to this yankee?”

“Do you two know each other?”

“MARRY ME!!!!!”

A panicked look spread across Yūgure’s face as she was crowded on all sides by people she didn’t know. Sweat broke out on her skin. For a moment, I worried that she might lose control over her transformation. It was only for a moment.

Acting with the agility of a cat, or a nekomata, Yūgure leapt out of her seat and scrambled over his desk. I got a very brief glimpse of her cotton panties as she jumped over me. Then she was pushing herself against my back, head peeking over my shoulder at the people who were now gawking at her like she’d suddenly sprouted two extra heads.

“Sorry, people,” I said, shrugging. “Yūgure is kind of shy, so if you could not crowd around her, I’d be very grateful.”

Still using him as a meat shield, Yūgure nodded several times.

The students looked conflicted. I could practically see the gears slowly grinding inside of their heads. Did they brave the frightening yankee in their quest to speak with the new cutie, or did they back off and wait for another opportunity?

Before they had the chance to either a: disregard him and attempt to reach Yūgure anyway, or b: move back into their cliques and pretend this never happened, Alicia stood up from her desk and stood beside us.

“Sorry, but Yūgure isn’t much of a talker, so even if you asked her all these questions, she wouldn’t answer you,” Alicia said. “So, if you could all please go back to your seats and not pester her, I’d be very grateful.”

Now that Alicia had gotten involved, everyone slowly trudged back to their desks. Some of them peaked at Yūgure when they thought no one was looking. However, no one came up to them anymore.

Alicia placed her hands on her hips. “What are you doing here, Yūgure?”

I watched Yūgure take out her notebook once more, scribble on it, and show Alicia, who raised an eyebrow when she read the notebook’s contents.

“Training? For what?”

Yūgure scribbled some more and showed it to Alicia again.

“To blend in with humans?” Alicia tilted her head. “Why would you need to do that?”

Once more, the sound of pen scratching against paper echoed around me. Alicia read what was on the notebook again. Her face turned red.

“Absolutely not! I won’t allow it!”

I was now curious to know what Yūgure had written on her notepad, but I never got the chance to find out; Yūgure scribbled furiously again and showed the new message to Alicia.

There were shades and colors that humans had yet to discover. Science actually taught us that while humans saw in the spectrum of 390 to 700 nm, which corresponded to a band in the vicinity of 430 to 770 THz. There were simply some colors that humans just couldn’t see.

In that moment, Alicia’s face took on a shade that I was pretty sure wasn’t visible to humans. Her mouth worked furiously for several seconds. It looked like she was about to explode.

She never got the chance.

The teacher walked in and class started.

Alicia was forced to return to her seat, which she did, but not before sending Yūgure a glare that all but said, “This is not over yet.”

I shuddered.

Women, regardless of species, were a terrifying breed.


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