Chapter 68:

Volume 3: Chapter 1: Preparation - Part 4


Alicia had ignored everyone that day, not just Yūgure, but also me as well. I’m not sure what I did to deserve being ignored. At the same time, the idea of starting a conversation when she was reeking bloodlust like a broken fire hydrant shot water terrified me.Bookmark here

I was probably better off letting her simmer down before we spoke.Bookmark here

The three of us walked home after school, myself, Alicia, and Yūgure. That was also pretty awkward. It wasn’t because Alicia was being moody—well, it wasn’t just because she was moody. Certainly, that was part of it, but the other part was…Bookmark here

“Could someone explain this to me?” I asked the two girls walking beside me.Bookmark here

“What is there to explain?” asked Alicia. “We’re just walking home together. Right, Yūgure?”Bookmark here

In response to her words, Yūgure nodded. It was a surprisingly insync move—surprising because they were so out of sync it wasn’t even funny.Bookmark here

Yūgure was walking on my left, and she was hugging my arm. This was… it wouldn’t have been a stretch to say it surprised me, but honestly, I was more than merely surprised. I don’t think that word adequately described how I felt.Bookmark here

People didn’t touch me. My very presence exuded an aura that made people shy away from me. It was that aura, the power of a Nephalem, that caused humans to act so fearful toward me.Bookmark here

For someone to touch me so easily, so willingly, it astonished me.Bookmark here

At the same time, it made me happy. I’d never admit it out loud, but the lack of physical contact in my life had left me with a craving for physical intimacy. At the same time, having someone touch me made my spine tingle. It was like, despite wanting to have that contact, my body was predisposed toward shying away from it. That was also why having two girls, two really pretty girls, holding my arms, made me break out into a nervous sweat.Bookmark here

Which reminded me, Alicia was hugging my other arm, which she’d done after Yūgure grabbed onto me.Bookmark here

I think she didn’t want to be upstaged. Or something. It wasn’t like I understood women. Or men for that matter.Bookmark here

I tried not to let either of them know that I was on pins and needles the whole way home, though, fortunately, I think they were too busy having some kind of mental battle with each other. By the time we stepped through the door to our house, the temperature around me had metaphorically dropped to sub zero levels.Bookmark here

“I… I’m home,” I said in a hushed whisper. I didn’t know why I was whispering. I just felt like if I did, something really bad would happen.Bookmark here

Alicia, Yūgure, and I took off our shoes and set them on the rack. Grunting a brusque, “I’m home,” Alicia stomped into the living room. Yūgure and I followed behind her.Bookmark here

“Welcome home,” Matilda said, bowing to them all as they entered.Bookmark here

Matilda was our maid. Technically, she was Alicia’s maid. Like Yūgure, she had dark skin, but hers was several shades darker than Yūgure dusk color. The hem of her black and white maid outfit fluttered as she moved. Her feet made off-beat clacks as her heeled shoes hit the floor when she walked. While her outfit was, definitely, that of a maid, there was a notorious gap that showed off almost obscene amounts of cleavage.Bookmark here

Matilda was a succubus.Bookmark here

I had only found that out a few weeks ago, around the same time Gabriel tried to kill me. It had surprised me at first. She acted so prim and proper, always addressing Alicia as “Lady” (and sometimes “Princess”) and me as “Lord.” Whether it was setting the table, cooking dinner, or cleaning the house, she did it all and in such a way that I could only think prim and proper. The idea of her being a succubus gave me the same kind of shock I had after learning that Alicia’s father was one of the Seven Kings of Hell.Bookmark here

“Matilda.” Alicia’s brows were creased, and the frown she’d been wearing had grown rather prominent. “What’s the idea of letting Yūgure attend school?”Bookmark here

“I thought it would help her adjust to life as a human,” Matilda said simply, calmly, as though she had been expecting this. “It is easy to keep up a transformation, but it becomes difficult under duress. This will help teach her to keep her transformation up at all times, even when surprised.”Bookmark here

Even Alicia couldn’t fault that logic.Bookmark here

“Okay. I understand that. But…” Her eyes narrowed further. “Why did you place Yūgure in our class?”Bookmark here

“Because I thought it would be a little easier for her if she had a few familiar faces,” Matilda answered, and again, I had the sense that she’d been expecting that question.Bookmark here

Alicia wrinkled her nose, which I knew she only did when thinking about something really hard. It was actually pretty cute.Bookmark here

“She’s too young,” Alicia said at last. “Yūgure is only fourteen years old. She can’t be in our class.”Bookmark here

Matilda looked ready to field that question, but just then, Yūgure scribbled on her notepad and showed the contents. I could actually read it this time. It said: I’m 16.Bookmark here

“You’re lying,” Alicia’s voice shook as she spoke. “You have to be lying. There’s no way you can be sixteen years old.”Bookmark here

I confess to being pretty shocked myself. I had Yūgure pegged at around fourteen or fifteen, maybe even thirteen. To think she was actually the same age as us. It just went to show me that I couldn’t just a book by its cover.Bookmark here

Or a cat girl by her stature.Bookmark here

“Yūgure is telling the truth,” Matilda said before turning to the girl in question, as if doing so meant this argument had come to an end. “Yūgure, why don’t you go and get dressed in your maid outfit? I’m in the process of making dinner and could use a hand.”Bookmark here

For whatever reason, Yūgure looked up at me after Matilda said this. I stared back at her. What did she want?Bookmark here

“She would like your permission, Lord Jacob,” Matilda said.Bookmark here

My permission? I would’ve asked why, but at the moment, my brain was pretty much filled to capacity and I couldn’t deal with any more surprises. Honestly, I thought it was for the best if I humored her.Bookmark here

“Sure, go ahead and do that.” After a short pause, I smiled. “I’d like to see what you cook for us.”Bookmark here

As the last word left my mouth, Yūgure’s eyes suddenly took on a shine that I hadn’t seen before, and her lips curved into a delicate, artful smile that was breathtaking to behold. She nodded once. Then she hurried off, traveling down the hall and up the stairs.Bookmark here

“You’d like to see what she’d cook for you, would you?” Alicia asked, giving me a stink eye.
I somehow felt like I had stepped on a landmine.Bookmark here

“W-what?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Nothing.” With a huff, Alicia also began heading up stairs. “I’m going to get changed.”Bookmark here

I watched her go, more than just a little confused. Had I said something wrong? Why was she so angry? She had totally just ignored me.Bookmark here

“Lord Jacob,” Matilda began, “you have a lot to learn about women.”Bookmark here

I had no idea what Matilda meant by that, but I was inclined to agree.Bookmark here

Considering I lived in a house with three women, learning more about them was definitely a must.Bookmark here

***********************************************************Bookmark here

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