Chapter 1:

Humanity's Outcome

Humanity's Outcome

It’s morning and the sun is still not up, but a lonely, bored young girl with colorful clothes, wild long light pink hair that reaches her knees and light green eyes sits here. She doesn’t blend in with the scenery at all. She sits here each morning on this old rusty skyscraper from the past to watch the sunrise. She sits here until the sun is completely up or is told to come down. Today is such a day somebody calls her on her “neurolinker”. She activates it on her left wrist to see who is calling her. It’s her father. The one person she doesn’t want to talk with.

However, it’s her father and the only person left from her family so she accepts his call each time. She lifts her hand in the air and presses the green accept button that hovers right in front of her. Her father begins to talk because she never does. He asks with his rough voice where she is, you can hear from his voice that he is a lot older than her. But she doesn’t answer, however that was a mistake because now her father knows where she is.

“You are up on the old tower again, am I right?” this time she answers “Yes I am but I don’t understand why you are so worried about me.”

Her father is hesitant how to answer first but after some seconds with silence does he ask her how she comes up there all the time after all the skyscraper is hundred and five floors up in the sky. However, this isn’t unusual at all there are almost only towers in this city. To answer his question, she stands up and walks to an old rusty emergency staircase that looks like it could fall off anytime soon. She points her finger to the staircase and makes a photo with her neurolinker through her eyes. Her father had expected something like this and this is the reason he hesitated to ask because now is he more worried than ever. And she knows exactly how he thinks.

“I know what you are thinking but even if I fall it’s not like I am going to die.” But he can’t stop because it’s his only daughter. “You only worry so much because you are still from the old time and you know that.”

He doesn’t answer to her provocation because he knows that she is right and he doesn’t understand her at all since still is from the old generation. But after a while of unpleasant silence comes his answer

“I am going to make some food now, come down to the bunker when you are ready.” “Of course, I am there in like 3 hours” and waves her hand over the red end button to end the call.

She then walks up to the edge of the building and bathes in the sunlight, her long hair waves from the strong wind, she opens her eyes and stares at the rising sun between all the other towers that reflect the sun in their windows it’s a majestic sight. This sight makes her realise something and begins to think life is not so bad after all in this rusty, abandoned city in the middle of nowhere. After a while, she begins to walk up to the last bit of the edge and stares down the 105 floors for a moment, turns around and jumps down with a smile on her face looking more excited, joyful and thrilled than ever before.

Gerry Hines
James K.
Jio Kurenai
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