Chapter 6:

Agreements Made

Wolf Bloodline

When I walked into Hiroshi's store, he had a cigar in his mouth again, just like this morning and He was dealing with the weapons he had. When he saw me come in, he approached me,Bookmark here

"How can I help you, partner?"Bookmark here

"I saw your movements with the gun today, it was very effective."Bookmark here

"You've seen my moves, huh? Very few people usually see the moment I pull the trigger. So I got caught?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, you were pretty fast."Bookmark here

"I remember you. You're the one who saved that woman, you were pretty quick there, you're not that bad, partner. So why are you here?"Bookmark here

Reaching out my hand to Hiroshi,Bookmark here

"My name is Ryuu, nice to meet you, uhh...."Bookmark here

Hiroshi smiled, put the cigar in his mouth, and shook my hand,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi, Hiroshi West, nice to meet you, kid. Now tell me what I can do for you, kid."Bookmark here

"I came here because I need your help."Bookmark here

"What kind of help, kid?"Bookmark here

"I'm forming a group and I really need a person like you."Bookmark here

"You are kidding right?"Bookmark here

"No, I am not good at jokes."Bookmark here

"Wait a second, let's see if I understand you correctly. You need help, and instead of asking for help from someone more competent, you come to me. Kid, if you need help, you have to ask other people. I'm not a mercenary."Bookmark here

"I know It is so quick to ask this but I really need your help, Hiroshi-san."Bookmark here

"Then let me ask you, why are you forming a group?"Bookmark here

"To fight against to Epics. I have to form this group for the sake of people. There are so many people out there in danger, calling for help. You have to understand me, Hiroshi-san!"Bookmark here

"Are you out of your mind? You cant take down Epics just by forming a group. Kid, If you are not here to buy anything you have to go."Bookmark here

After Hiroshi's words, I left his store. No matter what I said from now on, he seemed unconvinced. But I had no intention of giving up.Bookmark here

At nightfall, I started looking for a restaurant. I spent all my money on food. And I camped in the woods to sleep. After countless trainings with Ronk-san, I was able to camp quickly.Bookmark here

Tomorrow, I went back to Hiroshi's store. On the way, I was thinking about how to convince him.Bookmark here

No one was around when I came in. So I started looking around. Hiroshi had all kinds of guns in his store. On the walls, on the tables, there were various weapons everywhere, and they were all carefully cleaned and placed. After a little wandering, I saw a picture of a family.Bookmark here

The picture was an old one. He seemed to have a very crowded family because there were a lot of people in the picture, and there was a little boy in the middle.Bookmark here

The boy in the Middle looked just like Hiroshi-San. If he had a family like that, why was he here alone?Bookmark here

Soon after, I heard a sound,Bookmark here

"Not you again."Bookmark here

"Hello."Bookmark here

I was nervous, but like I said I wasn't going to give up.Bookmark here

"Why are you here again, kid?"Bookmark here

"I was just wandering around Hiroshi-san. And I want to ask who are the people in this picture? Are they your family?"Bookmark here

"Yes, they were. A long time ago."Bookmark here

He seemed sad while he said that.Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

"Don't mind Kid, I was thinking about to put that away anyways."Bookmark here

At that time, my stomach rumbled involuntarily.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I spent all my money on food yesterday, and today is a little difficult."Bookmark here

Hiroshi grinned,Bookmark here

"Your actions reminded me of someone I loved. I'll tell you what, I know a restaurant in town. I'll buy you dinner there, and you can tell me what's on your mind again, but this time properly."Bookmark here

"Thank you very much, Hiroshi-san."Bookmark here

After our conversation, we went to the place where Hiroshi said, and we continued to talk while we ate there. Hiroshi lit his cigar again after dinner,Bookmark here

"Tell me, Kid. Why are you so full of revenge at this young age? Why do you want to destroy the epics so much?"Bookmark here

"People suffer a lot because of elites and epics. Especially people like Miron, because of him, most of my bloodline was unnecessarily killed."Bookmark here

"Revenge for your bloodline?"Bookmark here

"I'm from Wolf Bloodline."Bookmark here

"Didn't the Wolf bloodline have to be extinct years ago?"Bookmark here

"Yes, but there are survivors like me."Bookmark here

"Even if you survived, it's only a matter of time before Miron comes after you. And since that guy doesn't serve anyone, we don't even know where he's coming from."Bookmark here

"But I have something he doesn't have."Bookmark here

I showed him the map I had.Bookmark here

"It's not activated yet, we have to open the seal first. If we can do that. We will have an advantage. This map shows the things we want, that's why we will not be caught to people like Miron."Bookmark here

"You have so many things to surprise me, kid."Bookmark here

At that time, I saw a fat, big guy was bullying a female waiter with his men at our opposite table. I got up from the table without saying anything to Hiroshi and went to them.Bookmark here

"Come on, you don't have to do this, baby."Bookmark here

"That's enough, let her go."Bookmark here

All of a sudden, the music stopped, and everyone started watching me quietly. Everyone started talking in a whisper. I think I was involved with someone serious.Bookmark here

"This kid's done. Big JJ's gonna tear him apart."Bookmark here

Hiroshi put his foot on the table and started smoking his cigarBookmark here

"This is going to be a very fun show."Bookmark here

The fat guy stopped messing with her and approached slowly towards me.Bookmark here

"You moron, who are you to interfere in big JJ's business?"Bookmark here

He was too big and tall for me, but even I was scared I couldn't let him do such a thing like this.Bookmark here

"The boy swallowed his tongue out of the fear Boss! I think it's best not to hit the boy."Bookmark here

Almost everyone started laughing at my situation. And I stood in front of him quietly, looking at him furiously. The fat man bowed and said,Bookmark here

"What happened, kiddo, are you going to cry or run, come on!"Bookmark here

I punched him hard in the stomach before the fat man finished his words. He flew up to the wall with the impact of the punch. The fat guy couldn't get up after my punch.Bookmark here

Everyone was looking at me in amazement. And also his men were preparing to attack me.Bookmark here

I could have easily defeated them, but as they were going to attack, Hiroshi quickly fired warning shots at them all. He fired all his bullets to scare him, and it worked. Out of fear, they took their boss and left. Sitting back to my place,Bookmark here

"Thanks for the help, Hiroshi-san. Like I said before we have to stop people like this."Bookmark here

"Kid, sorry for the things I said to you. Reconsidering everything, I will join your team."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yes, but in return for a favor."Bookmark here

"A long time ago, I had one of my guns stolen. A weapon called "Exer" Its a weapon made out of very rare parts. It's also one of the fastest weapons in the West. I don't usually go after a gun this hard, but all I have left from my family is that gun. So I need to get that back. I searched for it everywhere for a long time, and I finally found out that it was in the hands of an Elite soldier. But I couldn't get it back. I want you to help me get that gun back."Bookmark here

"And where does he keep the gun?"Bookmark here

"On a base. The problem is he's always with some soldiers. If I fight them all alone. It will take a long time, and their support will arrive before I can escape."Bookmark here

"So why don't we try to do this secretly?"Bookmark here

"We can't, it'll take us a long time to find the gun, and we don't have time."Bookmark here

"Don't we have time?"Bookmark here

"I have received a rumor that the elite soldier will leave the city early tomorrow morning, and I do not know where he will go. If he leaves here, he might give the gun to other Elite's, and there is a chance I might never get it."Bookmark here

"So where is this elite soldier now, Hiroshi-san?Bookmark here

"He's staying with his men in a big mansion a little further from the city. If we attack now, we have to be very fast, we have to escape before backup arrives. Or they'll just kill us both."Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, if we can get this back, will you really fight against the epics with me?Bookmark here

"If we take this back, I'll be with you until death. At last, I am a man of my word."Bookmark here

When we left the store, we kept making plans.Bookmark here

"When are we going to do this?"Bookmark here

"I have to get a couple of guns and stuff from the store before I go there. I'll meet you there, kid."Bookmark here

I went to the place Hiroshi said and waited for him. Half an hour later, Hiroshi came to me with two or three guns and a bag.Bookmark here

We made our way to the mansion. When we came to the mansion, Hiroshi looked at me,Bookmark here

"Are you ready kid, because from now on, our lives might change."Bookmark here

"I'm ready, Hiroshi-san."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lighting a cigar,Bookmark here

"Good, let's get started."Bookmark here

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