Chapter 7:

The Things He Values

Wolf Bloodline

Hiroshi and I broke down the gate of the mansion and suddenly burst into the mansion.

Everyone inside was looking at us, surprised, we drew all the attention to ourselves. It was more crowded than I expected. I looked around for a while and looked for the gun. Hiroshi turning to me

"We will not attack until we see the weapon."

At that moment, someone appeared from the upper floor of the mansion through the darkness. He was a stylishly dressed, long-haired man. Looking towards us.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Hiroshi saw the gun we were looking for in the waist of the guy upstairs. He pointed the gun at me with his eyes. We knew he was an elite soldier.

"Hey, asshole, do you know how to use that gun in your waist, after all, you stole it from its owner. That thing belongs to my family, So I'm gonna have to ask you to give it back."

The elite soldier grabbed the gun from his waist and looked at it,

"So this is your gun. Then you're the one who's been taking down my men for this gun all this time."

"It wouldn't have happened if your men hadn't tried to steal the gun."

Elite soldier puts the gun back on his waist, making a come here sign with his hand,

"It's a pity, if you really want to get it back, you have to come and get it."

"Hiroshi-san, can you handle these guys?"

"I'll give them a taste of the West."

All of a sudden, I jumped up to the elite soldier and started throwing punches. The Elite soldier tried to protect himself. I kept punching him. Then I immediately kicked him. He couldn't block the kick and he flew back a little bit.

"Not bad, kid but not enough."

Before I knew where he was coming from, the elite soldier quickly came up to me and punched me hard in the stomach. I grabbed his fist and hit him in the face with my head. Then I gave him a 360-spin kick, at that time, blood began to drip from his nose but he still seemed unaffected.

Hiroshi easily took everyone down one by one downstairs. And when his guns ran out of bullets, he started using his fists. He was as talented in combat as he was in weapons.

The elite soldier attacked in no time, wiping the blood off his nose. This time he was using faster techniques during the attack.

Even though I blocked his fists, I couldn't prevent the elbow blows. He hit me hard on the chin with his elbow. After that blow I clung to the wall, a little blood came from my mouth,but without paying attention, I continued attacking.

Holding an incoming fist, I did a reverse somersault. After I did the somersault, I twisted the arm of the elite soldier and locked it up.

I pulled the elite soldier to me, took the gun from his waist, and threw it at Hiroshi. Hiroshi stepped on the men's shoulders, jumped, and grabbed the gun in the air. He caught the gun and fired it. He pulled the gun so fast, even after the fire was over, there was smoke coming out of the gun.

The elite soldier got rid of the lock by throwing me in the air. By pressing very strongly on the ceiling with my feet as he threw me into the air.

I threw a hard punch, falling quickly towards the elite soldier. With the impact of the punch, the Elite soldier and I broke the floor and fell downstairs. Because the house was old, everything was covered in dust. Everything became invisible because of the dust.

I was looking around for the Elite soldier but then Elite soldier suddenly appeared behind me,

"Looking for something?"

After he said his word, he hit me in the corner of my stomach and threw me into the other room, smashing the wall, I landed on the ground, spinning a couple of times. When he was going to kick me when I was knocked down, I ran away from his kick and got up. The elite soldier started to attack with his knee, I blocked his knees with my elbows. I held his punch when he was about to punch me with his other hand.

"Show me all your strength, at last, you are not going to get away from here."

The elite soldier jumped and kicked me in the stomach with his idle foot. I squeezed myself not to glide back this time. Holding his kick, I turned him over and threw him too high.

The elite soldier flew into the sky, smashing the roof. Then I immediately continued to punch him, jumping towards him. In the air, elite soldier did the same and he started to punch me in the same order. Even in the air, our fight continued breathlessly.

We were throwing punches at each other nonstop. I blocked the elite soldier's incoming fist and then punched him in the throat, taking his breath away for a little while. And when he was defenseless, I took him under me and started punching him.

As we were about to hit the ground, I got behind him and locked his throat with my arm.

We hit the ground together, but I didn't get much damage because I was on top of him. And when I got up and looked at him, he was standing on the floor, ecstatic.

I was sure he wouldn't get up. By going to Hiroshi,

"Hiroshi-san, how are you?"

"Good, how about you?"

"Frankly, I've had better days."

"Let's get out of here before backup arrives."

Hiroshi and I left and went to an unknown place in the woods. We arrived at a place that where we could see the view of the city very clearly. Hiroshi looked at his gun for a long time.

"Kid, I've been trying to get this for a long time, and now I've done it thanks to you."

"No problem Hiroshi-san, It's a really good feeling to be able to help a person."

"Actually, it's very important, my father always told me that a man should brag about his efforts together, not about his strength alone. At first, it seemed was ridiculous, but now it makes a lot of sense. We're a team now, partner.

Those words of Hiroshi-san made me actually very happy. It seems like we have a lot of adventures to go.

"Now tell me what's on your mind."

"Do you know how to go to the village of witches?"

"Village of witches, what are you planning to do there?"

"In order for our group to gather people, I need to open the seal of the magic map that I have, only they can do this."

"I know their village, It's four days from here."

"All right, then, that's the first place we're going as soon as possible. let's go, then."

Hiroshi lit his cigar again,

"Wait, I have something to say. The elite soldier you fought. He was the fifth elite soldier of the first epic, maybe it was an easy fight for you, but remember, they're getting stronger. You'll see powers you've never seen. Are you still ready for it?

"Whatever comes, I'm ready. After all, I've spent so much time training for it, Am I wrong?"

"Good, I'm glad to hear that, and there's one last thing. The epics have eyes and ears everywhere. So we have to stand out as little as possible."

"All right, Hiroshi-san. Then let's go."

Renain Sora