Chapter 8:

The Great Threat Approaching

Wolf Bloodline

Evening hours, Castle of the First Epic

"Sir, Miron wants to see you."

"Miron? what's he doing here?"

"We don't know, sir, he didn't tell us anything."

Miron appeared before the first epic without waiting for permission.

"It's been a long time, Lapus. I see you've found a new place."

"Yeah, it's been a long time, leave Miron and me alone."

When the soldier left the room, Miron started talking.

"Do you wonder why I came here?"

"Why did you come here, Miron?"

"Do you know Kaika from the Wolf bloodline?"

"Yeah, Alpha Prime's brother, what about him?"

"Did you know I killed him?"

"I know, almost every kingdom speaks about you. Did you come here to say all of that?"

"No, that's not what I want to talk about. In the center of the village, Kaika rescued a child and walked away with it. I looked for the boy he saved for a long time, but I couldn't find him."

"Why do you want the child so badly? He's probably an ordinary citizen, like everyone else. You know that Kaika liked saving people."

"No, Kaika's eyes were different, he was worried about the child. I saw it in his eyes. If that child was a normal citizen, he wouldn't have tried to sneak out of town with him."

"I don't think Kaika has a child."

"It's not his child, but it's a child of one of his descendants, I'm sure of it. He was protecting him as if he was a family member."

"Then what do you want from me."

"I found out that the one who saved the child was a witch named Pelena. I want you to find that woman and find out where the kid is."

"This is my kingdom, you're not in a position to give orders, Miron, you'd better remember that."

The King's eyes were filled with anger, apparently taking orders from someone like Miron made him angry.

After those words of the King, Miron put his hand near his mouth, and purple flames began to rise from his hand. Then Miron blew a whistle, seconds later hundreds of Souls filled the room.

The satisfied look on Miron's face was gone. Instead, he put on a serious and angry expression.

"Your kingdom is worthless. You're only giving orders from where you sit, aren't you, my king? Anyway, I don't have time to lose. Either you do as I say, or you disappear with your kingdom."

The King's eyes were filled with fear this time. There was nothing he could do against Miron's unstoppable power.

"Okay, I'll deal with this."

The satisfied look on Miron's face came back. His deal pleased him.

"I'm glad we got along, I'd stay a little longer if I didn't have urgent business, but I have to go."

Before Miron left the room, he turned to the king one last time and said with a frightening expression,

"And remember, do not let me down."

Miron walked slowly to the wall and disappeared, turning into gas.

"So he sent a fake one."

One of the King's men entered the room nervously,

"Sir, our first Elite soldier has been defeated by an unknown person."

"This is just perfect! I'll deal with that issue later. Send me the fourth and third elite soldiers now! I'll give them a mission."

At that time, in an unknown part of the forest

"Hey kid, At this rate, we'll be there in three days."

"We need to speed up."

"There's a small-town place nearby. People out there don't know much about what's going on out there. We can buy horses from there. That can speed us up a lot."

"I hope the witches can open the seal of the map."

"Do you know a person in the village of witches who you can ask for help?"

"Not much, but I'm sure we can trust them. And they're our only chance for the map."

"Let's camp here for today. We'll continue early tomorrow."

"All right, I'll handle the fire."

"I'll look around. See if there is any danger or not."

I gathered bushes for the fire and lit the fire in a short time. After Hiroshi looked around, we sat around the fire and kept talking.

"Hiroshi-san, why do you never take that hat off?"

"My father said that a man only takes off his hat when he dies, and that hat is as valuable to me as the gun we bought back."

"Family heirloom?"

"No, a person I admire gave it to me. He was once the nightmare of the West. Everyone called him the claw of the West. Bad people would look for holes to run away from when they saw him."

"Was he that strong?"

"He had enough power and energy to fight an Army, alone."

"What kind of person Claw-san was?"

"It's a topic I don't like to talk about, but I'll tell you for this time."

A group of people once caused chaos in our city for no reason. At the time, I was trying to be someone like him, so I wanted to stop them, but I just got in the way. The claw of the West jumped in front of the bullets to protect me. Even when he was dying, he was kind to me in his last moments, saying it wasn't my fault that he died, but I was the one completely to blame. Removing his hat he said to me,

"Take care of this hat. "It'll look better on you. Hiroshi, as long as you want to save people, you don't have to be like me, just be yourself."

"I've never taken this hat away from me since."

"Hiroshi-san, a man I respected, told me that no matter how a person dies when death comes, a person cannot escape it. So don't blame yourself for that. He saved you, knowing the outcome, and I'm sure he would have done it again without thinking about it."

Hiroshi smiled and looked at the campfire.

After the conversation, we went to sleep in no time and set off again early in the morning. After two hours of walking, we managed to reach the village. Since we hadn't eaten since yesterday, we went into the restaurant and ate before looking at the horses.

After dinner, we left the restaurant, Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,

"I spent my last money on food."

"I'll find a way."

"As long as it doesn't rain chances from the sky, our work is difficult."

After Hiroshi said that, a man shouted in the middle of the city,

"Come, come, come, whoever defeats this man, they will be given two Arabian horses.Come put your money down and take your chances."

"I take it back, let's go get these horses."

Hiroshi and I went to the middle of town to pick up the horses. Almost everyone in town was there, and everyone wanted the horses like crazy. The guy who was undefeated was a pretty big guy, he was taking down everyone who came into the ring one by one. A short time later, when no one wanted to enter the ring, the man yelled,

"Doesn't anyone have the courage? Come on. You coward chickens!"

After that word, I jumped to ring and stood in front of him,

"I think this ring is empty, I'll be your opponent."

He laughed and said,

"You? What can a boy like you do?"

"I don't know? You have to get closer to find out."

An excitement covered my body quickly. After Ronk's trainings, I was getting excited at every fight.

He went crazy after that word,and when he was going to attack me, I punched him in the stomach, just like before. The guy couldn't get up from the ground after my first punch. Everyone was looking at us again in surprise. Hiroshi went to the horses and took the horses.

"Congratulations, kid, good job."