Chapter 9:

Pelena And Lezlie

Wolf Bloodline

We've come a long way with the horses. We were sure we'd be at the witches ' village earlier tomorrow. And Hiroshi was happy as if he hadn't ridden a horse in a long time. I didn't say anything to keep her happy. He was in his usual quiet form, his cigar moving quietly in his mouth.

At that time, everything went on happily and peacefully in the village of witches.

"Witches, that's us, we stay in tents that we have set up in the forest. The reason we're staying in the Woods is that people out there aren't very understanding of us. People don't like witches very much because long ago malicious witches brought cruelty to people. The people who stopped malicious witches are our former great founders, our chiefs, who cursed black magic and forbade everyone to use it. Chiefs are leaders who rule witches. They give the orders in the tribe. In the first Kingdom, where we live, there is only one tribe and one tribal leader. There is also a tribe of witches in the third Kingdom. There are more of them than there are witches here, and they have quite ancient dates than we do. They're very powerful, and three tribal leaders rule there."

"Any questions now?"

A child raised his hand,

"Is it bad to live in the woods, Lezlie-nee san?"

I smiled,

"No, absolutely it's not, even if there is, the only bad thing is that we don't know much about the events outside. But that's all."

At that time, someone entered the tent. After seeing her,

"Go and play now, but be careful."

Children left the tent excitedly to play outside.

After the class, I approached her,

"How was the meeting, Mother?"

My mother smiled.

"It went pretty well, of course. But as the chief said, there have been a little more problems lately. So how was your day?"

She looked tired, it looked like she was taking care of so many important things at the same time.

"I was informing the children about our history as usual. But they're a little too energetic for these things."

My mother grabbed my shoulder and gave me serious looks.

"So you didn't come into town today, did you?"


I think I'd get a good scolding this time. Of course, she's right too, but I was bored like any other people, I wanted to explore, but my mother kept saying it was dangerous out there. I guess I won't be getting out.

"It's all right, I won't be mad at you."


"Or do you want me to be angry? Look, What I'm saying is that as a young girl you want to explore the outside and I understand you very well. At your age, I wanted to, and sometimes I even dated my friends, but it's very dangerous out there, especially for us. People don't like us very much, you know that."

"I know that. I just want to see the places in the books I read. I don't want to live like this, Mother. I love my village, but I want to see and experience like normal people."

"I know, but it's really dangerous out there."

"Mother, Alpha Prime-san saved us, there must be people like him out there."

She talked to me with a very understanding and very soft tone.

"Lezlie, even if he helped us, not every person is like him. And all the people that love you are here. I don't want you to get hurt."

"You are right Mother, I'm sorry."

Touching my cheek, she said, "You don't have to be sad at all. After all, it's normal that you want such things."

"By the way, I also have a present for you."


Just as she was about to show me something, her bag opened and I saw a rabbit getting out of it.

"Oh my, I guess I messed up the surprise."

After my mother's surprise, my feelings were really mixed. I was really excited that such a gift was the kind of thing I really wanted.

I hugged her hard and said, "Mother, I'm very grateful for your gift, thank you so much."

She smiled and said,

"No problem, It makes me happy to make you happy."

Just then, someone outside the tent started screaming loudly.

"We are under attack! They are attacking the village!"

"Mother, what's happening?"

"I don't know, but take the kids outside and take them to safety. And don't go out until I say so. Okay?"

"Mother, what are you gonna do?"

"Don't worry, we've prepared for such situations before, remember? don't worry about me and save those kids quickly."

"Alright, Mother."

Entrance Of Witch Village

At the entrance to the village, there were two elite soldiers and an army of one hundred men and women. One of the elite soldiers was an Ork. Ork's had green skin, they were ten times stronger than a human, and their skin was quite thick. Also, they're pretty big and tall.

The other elite soldier is a witch, just like those in this village.

Soon after, the chief arrived.

"What are you two doing here?"

"My name is Jixus, and this is my friend, Nozu, We came on the orders of the first Epic."

"What order is that?"

"We were told to take a witch named Pelena. We have come here for this."

"What does the first epic want from Pelena?"

"Nothing, he just wants to know where the child he saved is now."

How did they learn about him? Is this means Miron found it out?

"We don't have to give you anyone, tell your boss the same."

After those words of the chief, the elite soldier grinned and said "I expected you to say that, Old man."

The witch used all her magic to attack people around. The screams began to rise.

"Attack and bring me that woman."

The chief blocked the incoming spell and returned to his men so as not to be an open target.

Now The Witches were in a war with elite soldiers and their men. All of the Witches were trying to defend their land with all their power.

Everything was developing so fast, I had to get out of there.

I rushed to Chief. I had to ask him some questions.

"Chief, Is this because we warned him about that?"

"No, I don't think so. It's probably Miron. Everyone knows that he starts searching when he gets the littlest hint. Let's not talk about that now. We have to defend our people."

Chief turned to his soldiers,

"All of you! Secure our people, do not let them kill even one person. I will deal with the Elite soldiers."

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