Chapter 10:

In Need Of Help

Wolf Bloodline

The village of witches turned into a battlefield. Although the witches easily repelled the attacking soldiers, they could not touch the Elite soldiers.Bookmark here

The chief appeared and said to Elite Soldiers,Bookmark here

"Get out of my village. I'm warning you for the last time."Bookmark here

"Old man, you really don't understand, don't you? defying the epics is death. As a witch, I know your "Peoples" pride. You people have a useless pride that is meaningless. You people even die for that pride. Why don't you give up on that Old man?"Bookmark here

"You are not a witch, you are an evil soldier who has ruined the honor of witches, betrayed his own bloodline. And you're trying to take our people away from us. You have no right to talk here!"Bookmark here

Both elite soldiers began to attack at the same time. As the Nozu attacked close, Jixus attacked from afar with his magic. I tried to avoid Jixus spells while preventing Nozu's attacks. I will not allow such betrayers to take over our village!Bookmark here

Nozu tried to deal a heavy blow, but at the last moment, I was able to escape his blow. Just then I kicked him. He was unaffected by my kick and responded with his fist.Bookmark here

I blocked the blow that came with the inside of my palm, but due to the impact of the punch, I was thrown back a little bit.Bookmark here

Then I started running back to him. Just as he was about to punch, I went up to his arm and ran towards his head. When I got to his head, I hit him hard with all my spell.Bookmark here

The left side of Nozu's face was burned due to the effect of the spell. As the orc was stunned by the wound to his face, I concentrated my magic on my right hand and dealt a solid blow to his deficit.Bookmark here

Because of the impact of the punch, he floated into the forest and broke dozens of trees.Bookmark here

Jixus clapped, smiled, and said, "Bravo, it was amazing, I hope you'll entertain me enough, old man."Bookmark here

"You shouldn't underestimate the power of a chief."Bookmark here

While running at him, I tried to attack him with my spells without giving him a chance. But he easily fended off my attacks. As I got closer, I tried to strike a magical blow, but he escaped from my fist and my fist landed on the ground, creating cracks in the floor. He turned it into an opportunity and landed me good kicks.Bookmark here

Then, just as he was about to attack with his spells, I pulled my fist out of the ground and responded to his spells with mine. Then we both went on a close attack. He and I, both threw punches at each other, but neither of us could even land a blow. We were blocking and attacking fast. At that time he turned 360 mid-air and tried to kick me, but I blocked it with my right arm.Bookmark here

He suddenly retreated and jumped into the air. He started throwing magic balls in the air. These spells were similar to a timed bomb, they explode seconds after launch.Bookmark here

He almost threw hundreds. To protect my people, I covered who were near any bomb with the Shield spell. Everywhere was covered with smoke because of the bomb. But I saw that I protected my people.Bookmark here

"There's no point fighting anymore! You killed half your own men with your spells!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, but it's better this way because they're just in my way."Bookmark here

"If you can't even lead your army, you can't win any war. If you don't care about the lives of your people, you'll get nothing!"Bookmark here

"We'll see about that."Bookmark here

Jixus opened his arms and started talking,Bookmark here

"Let the evil fill my heart, and let me show them, the true darkness...."Bookmark here

"Oh, no, he's using black magic, which is forbidden. Everybody, get out of here now!"Bookmark here

All of a sudden, his eyes turned black. And the black blood in his veins became visible. Even the spell around him turned black.Bookmark here

"Now let's put an end to this stupid war, old man."Bookmark here

After he said the magic words, he pointed both hands at me and started attacking me with his spells. I tried to avoid attacks because they were at a level I couldn't prevent.Bookmark here

I approached him while blocking the incoming spells. But I couldn't do anything, and as soon as he realized I was approaching, he grabbed me by the throat. Black Magic gave him strength not only magically, but also physically.Bookmark here

And then he threw me into the woods with all his might. When I landed, I could barely move, blood started coming out of my mouth.Bookmark here

Jixus turned to his men and said,Bookmark here

"I think that was all, where were we now? Oh, right, Pelena. Which one of you is Pelena?Bookmark here

Nobody talked.Bookmark here

"Listen you, cowards, If Pelena doesn't show up, you'll all end up like your chief."Bookmark here

I stepped forward, furiously.Bookmark here

"I'm the one you're looking for, stop it. These people are not to blame."Bookmark here

"Finally, thanks for your cooperation."Bookmark here

"I will go with you on one condition, on one condition, that you will not touch the people here!"Bookmark here

"Of course, but it depends on your cooperation with us."Bookmark here

I approached Jixus with slow steps.Bookmark here

And when I got close enough, Jixus suddenly grabbed my throat.Bookmark here

"You really thought you were in a position to condition me. You'll watch your village disappear."Bookmark here

"You're a disgusting person, you'll pay for what you've done."Bookmark here

"So who's going to stop me?"Bookmark here

Among the people, someone yelled,Bookmark here

"Let my mother go now, or you will...."Bookmark here

"So you have a daughter?"Bookmark here

"No, Lezlie, get out of here, it's too dangerous for you."Bookmark here

I cannot let her die!Bookmark here

"How would you feel if I killed your daughter right in front of you?"Bookmark here

He started looking at Lezlie with his scary eyes. Even Lezlie was trembling with fear.Bookmark here

Just then, a bullet entered Jixus right eye. He left my throat because of the pain of the bullet, but I started to fall to the ground. Just as I was about to fall, someone grabbed me.Bookmark here

"Pelena-san, Are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Ryuu!"Bookmark here

Pelana-san seemed surprised to see me.Bookmark here

Hiroshi took a deep sip of his cigar and said,Bookmark here

"Who do you think you're messing with, partner?"Bookmark here

"Who are you to mess with my business!"Bookmark here

"We're the kind of people you don't want to get involved with."Bookmark here

"I don't care who you are, get out of here or I'll kill you too!"Bookmark here

"Hey Kid, you want to save these people right?"Bookmark here

"We cant never let them die Hiroshi-san. We have to save them!"Bookmark here

"Then it's showtime, kid."Bookmark here

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