Chapter 25:

Among The Mountains

Wolf Bloodline

We crossed multiple Plains and mountains on a horse-drawn carriage. It was quite an intense and arduous journey. Because of the bad storm and the troubled roads, we almost lost the car many times but eventually crossing the difficult roads, we reached the nest of the Cronus Bloodline.

I was excited, so I went in front of the carriage to see what it was like where we got there. I was so surprised by what I saw. Their home was a big castle in the mountains. And the most beautiful thing was the waterfall that went down from the top of the mountain next to the castle. The water was so clear and beautiful.

The castle was surrounded by trees planted later. It seemed like the perfect place to live. Babu and Lezlie were quite surprised when they saw this place, but Hiroshi, wasn't impressed, as usual.

When the carriage arrived at the front of the castle, the driver shouted,

"Open the door! I brought supplies from the city."

After the men above the castle noticed us, one of them told the driver with a harsh tone,

"No strangers can be brought here. Take them back now."

"They want to talk with the leader, about The Epic and The Elite Soldiers."

"If our leader Suramu doesn't like this idea, you and your friends will suffer the consequences. And don't forget, I'm not doing this because I trust them, but because I'm looking for hope in our war."

Then he shouted,


The gate of the huge castle began to open slowly. We slowly entered there. After a short time, the driver stopped the carriage,

"Here we are, the one and indestructible Kingdom of the Bloodline of Cronus."

"Thank you for putting your life on the line so we could get in there, and for protecting us. We won't make you regret it."

The driver shook his head. He approved of me. After that conversation, we got out of the horse-drawn carriage and followed the driver into the castle. Before entering the castle, at the entrance to the gate, they searched all of us. We had to leave our weapons and dangerous items at the entrance.

Hiroshi stared angrily at the person which he left his gun with,

"If anything happens to this gun, you can be sure I will remember you."

Finally, we entered the castle, the inside of the castle was larger than the outside. It was pretty bright and clean. There were expensive works of art around. The man that let us in guided us to the Leader's room. We slowly moved towards the leader's room. It was the first time I'd ever seen a leader of a Bloodline. I wonder if he was as strong as an epic or even a real king. I was very curious about getting the answer to that.

As I thought about it, we arrived at the leader's door. The man opened the door,

"Come in, the leader is waiting for you."

When we entered, the leader's room, the leader was in front of us. He was sitting on his throne, and he had a table in front of him. When he saw us, he stood up and said,

"Welcome, I am Sumaru, the fourth leader of the Cronus Bloodline. One of my people told me about you. He said you wanted to talk to me about something about the epics. I brought you here to hear it from you. So what do you people want."

"We've been on the road for a long time and we're looking for a group of people. We're looking for people who will fight us and stand by us without fear. It can sound beyond nonsense, but we need help from people like you."

"Well then, what kind of help do you want from me?"

"The army of the First Epic is quite crowded. Too much, even for the four of us. So join our war with the people of your lineage and help us put an end to The First Epic's evil plans."

The leader then made a sign to us to sit down with,

"Sit down, let's talk a little bit."

After we sat down he started to talk,

"First, as much as I want to put an end to the bad ruling of the First Epic, I can not do that. Secondly, even if we fight with you, it's obvious that we can't win if with an army. And thirdly, I don't even know who you are or what you're capable of. "

"I can understand that if you don't trust us, but I can't ask anyone else for help."

I looked at him, In way of needing help.

"Well then, what bloodline do you come from?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't share it with everyone."

"You come here and ask for help from a leader you don't know, but you don't trust him enough to say your bloodline. How can I fight beside you like this?"

I took a breath,

"I'm a descendent of the Wolf."

The leader's expression turned into a much serious and surprised one,

A man beside The man who opened the door, looked at me as if I was crazy,

"These lunatics are trying to trick you. The Wolf bloodline is extinct, and there's no way they're alive. That's all."

After his words, I turned around and took his sword, and held it to his throat. It was in the blink of an eye. Hiroshi stood up from his seat,

"Hey, kid, it's not worth it, let's go."

Leaving the man and the sword, we made our way to the exit without saying anything. As we were about to left the room, the leader shouted,

"I'll listen to your offer. But there are things I want you to explain to me."

We turned around and sat back,

"You two, leave us alone for a bit." The leader said,

The men who guarded the door left the room, then we started to talk,

"I believe you are a wolf descendant. As for your offer, having a wolf descendant could change the course of the war. Given that your friends are strong, there's still hope to win the war. But that may not be enough."

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,

"Then what's on your mind?

"A long time ago, the First Epic, due to the increase in population in my kingdom, was afraid of losing the war. Because of this, he destroyed my previous Kingdom and captured many of my warriors. I've lost dozens, hundreds of my comrades. He forces many of my people, whom he has taken prisoners, to find valuable items such as diamonds, rubies or gold, and to work them in the mines.

But he does it just for fun. He's afraid of losing in Battle, of losing his rule. If we save the people of my bloodline from there, we will be very strong in battle."

Renain Sora