Chapter 26:

What Needs To Be Done

Wolf Bloodline

Babu looked at the King,

"Why do you not save them when you know where they are?"

"Unfortunately, it's not that easy. And many times before, I tried to get my people out of this disgusting dump. But I couldn't. I couldn't save my people. They have a lot of power, and they protect almost everywhere. It's not hard to get in from the outside, but it's almost impossible to get out again with so many people. But the worst part is that they're being watched by a creature with a guard."

"The First Epic put a very powerful guard there and a creature that enjoyed smashing it to make it impossible for people there to escape. The guard's name is Izzar, almost as strong as the first elite soldier. He uses a large scythe as a weapon. And he also has his own special power. He can make hundreds of copies of himself."

Hiroshi scratched his head and said,

"And how long can he use these clones?"

"He can hold fifty copies for an hour. Maybe more than I think."

"What about the creature you're talking about?"

"It's like a big dog, but It has more pointed teeth and It's a more aggressive creature than any other. He can easily smell blood from ten kilometers away."

I said, "Are there other difficult enemies besides them?"

"No, there are only ordinary soldiers, but that's not all the problems. There's a warning system there. If we attack there directly, reinforcements will arrive as soon as we attack. If we make a fuss we might have to face an Elite soldier or even an Epic. If they arrive, we can't do anything."

An idea suddenly came to my mind,

"What happens if we try to sneak in?"

"And how do you plan to do this?"

"One of us who will volunteer can camouflage by wearing prisoner's clothes."

"We can't do that, Kid. Even if you go in there and don't get noticed by security, the prisoners will recognize you. We cant do this plan."

He was right we had to make another plan. I thought I wasn't going to find any ideas but then I remembered something,

"What if Babu-san enters there?"

Babu looked at me confused,

"Me, why?"

"Because my fluffy friend, they don't know you're with us, and you're not wanted. I'm sure no one will suspect you."

"Well, What do I do when I go in?"

"If you can disarm the alarm from the inside, no help will arrive, there will be no support, and that means we can easily attack."

Leader looked at us,

"He can't do it alone from the inside, the alarm system is where the guard is staying, and at the entrance to where he's staying, that creature is standing."

"Yes, the leader is absolutely right, I can't do this alone. I don't know what exactly I should do."

After some thinking, the leader looked at Babu,

"But you can help."

Babu looked confused once more,

"What do you mean?"

"There are pipes under the mines. Ryuu and the others can get from outside to inside using these pipes. If you open the entrance to the pipes from the inside. They can easily enter."

"But, what are we supposed to do after that?"

"After that, you definitely need to do two things. Turn off the alarm and free my people from the chains. When my people are free from the chains, they will regain their power."

This time Lezlie got confused and asked the leader,

"Your powers, arent your people normal humans, Leader?"

"No, we're not, young lady. We are a bloodline with the power to change our skin. For warmth in the cold, for cooling in the heat, and for many different reasons, we can change our skin. We can also make sure that our skin doesn't show up to other people, even for a short time. As you call this being "invisible". "

Lezlie said,

"Like a chameleon."

"Yeah, you could say that too. My people are bound by magic chains, so they can't use their power. If you can release them, their power will return. I am sure."

"So all we have to do is secretly turn off the alarm when we go in, free the people of your bloodline from the magical handcuffs, and try to escape as easily as possible."

"Are capable of doing that for me?"

Hiroshi lit his cigar, slowly took one sip, and said,

"We are going to try."

"As I said, If you try to attack, you will risk your life. Try to be as discreet as possible."

Lezlie said,

"Maybe if you use the Three Kings system, The King of the first Kingdom will help you."

"It used to be like that, no one cares about the Three Kings system anymore. Even the kings."

I said, "What is the Three Kings system?"

"According to my mother, it used to be called the system of two kings, but this was before the epics came. King Einar made a deal with the people at the head of the lineages to bring peace to all the five kingdoms. According to the agreement, whatever the problems of the lineage, King Einar will help solve the problems. And did it that way. In return, they put an end to the lineage wars by doing what the King wanted. Thanks to this Constitution, peace, and happiness continued in the five kingdoms.

This continued until the King died and the epics came. The epics changed the Constitution, using their power to perpetuate their chaos. They considered themselves kings, calling themselves "The Three Kings." And changed the system's name to The Three King system. No one knows where the epics came from, or who they took orders from."

"What you say is true, but we are no longer considered kings. We are known only as "leaders" who govern our lineage."

I said, "Can't Kings really do anything?"

The Leader looked at me,

"No, even Kings don't know what epics can do. That's why they're afraid of them. If chaos takes over as before, this time every lineage, every human being is going to die."

Hiroshi said, "Then there's no point in wasting time, is there?"

Leader said, "I trust all of you on this. Be careful on your mission."

Babu said, "Also how far is the mine from here?"

"Not much, I can order my men to take you there. But I can't go with you, I have to keep my people safe."

"Thank you again for your help."

"No need to thank me. Just bring my people back. Our revenge depends on you."

Ace Axel