Chapter 27:

Loop Mines

Wolf Bloodline

-A day later-Bookmark here

-Midnight, Loop Mines-Bookmark here

I was in a horse-drawn carriage with my hands chained, heading for the mines with the other prisoners. In the carriage were a few prisoners I didn't know, and a few ordinary soldiers of the epic.Bookmark here

The soldiers were taking me to the mines. Just as we planned with the others, everything was going well. All I had to do was open the entrance for them to get in. I sat quietly until I reached the mines.Bookmark here

After an hour's drive, the carriage arrived at the mines. I moved a little and looked up. But I was surprised when I looked up. The mine was covered with big nets so no one could escape from here.Bookmark here

When the carriage stopped, the soldiers pushed us out of the car. When we got out of the carriage, they told us to move to the entrance to the mine, putting us in one line.Bookmark here

I looked around and saw if there was any entrance, but everything seemed to be intact.Bookmark here

That meant our only way out was the entrance door in front of me.Bookmark here

When I entered, I saw that the number of soldiers was incredibly large, there were dozens of soldiers everywhere to the entrance to the mines. At any sudden move, twenty guns, maybe more, could have shot me in seconds.Bookmark here

I continued to move forward, as the soldiers said, calmly, without any problems. When I entered the mine, I suddenly remembered the days when I was imprisoned in the mine, and I was nervous and uncomfortable, whether I wanted to or not.Bookmark here

But I had to focus on my goal, and if I can do what Ryuu-Kun and the others said, I could get out of here before morning.Bookmark here

A soldier suddenly gave a pickaxe to my hand,Bookmark here

"Start digging, we'll let you go to bed when the digging time is over, Panda."Bookmark here

I started digging with the other prisoners. There were a lot of prisoners working here. There were more people than the King said. With the people here and with us, we could really have hope in war.Bookmark here

I looked around to find the entrance to the pipes, but they weren't where I was. A bearded, middle-aged prisoner next to me started to talk without looking at me,Bookmark here

"Did you lose something?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm just looking at where the pipes are."Bookmark here

"The pipes? Why would want to know that?"Bookmark here

I looked around if there were soldiers, and then I approached the prisoner, I said quietly,Bookmark here

"I need to use the pipes to let my friends outside in."Bookmark here

"Strange, usually everyone wants to get out of here."Bookmark here

"Actually, to be honest, you people are the reason why we're here."Bookmark here

"Why would you do a thing like that?"Bookmark here

"The leader asked us to do this. Also, we can't leave innocent people like this."Bookmark here

"Help? The King has left us in this hole. And now, years later, he wants us out of here just because he needs us?"Bookmark here

"He only thinks of for himself- "Bookmark here

"Even if this is the case, your king is someone who will give his life without even thinking about it. He said many times that he tried, but he failed. He even asked us for help. As much as he can't help you, he's not going to give up on you neither."Bookmark here

He slowly stood up and sighed, "After all these years here, How can I believe you? How can I believe the King? Can you give me the answer to all of this?"Bookmark here

"You may want not to believe in the King. It's up to you, but at least you can believe the people around you. We'll help you, and then you'll have a chance to escape. But for that, you have to trust us."Bookmark here

He looked around a little, and said,Bookmark here

"It's impossible to escape from here, but I'd rather die trying than die here."Bookmark here

It made me happy to hear that,Bookmark here

"And remember, I'm not doing it for you, nor for the King, I'm only doing it for my family and comrades. That's all."Bookmark here

"I see. But you will have to help me find the pipes."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I have a plan in mind. See the two soldiers holding the entrance in front of us?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I can see them."Bookmark here

"I'll distract them and give you a signal when the soldiers leave. You'll enter there with my mark."Bookmark here

"What do I have to do after the entrance?"Bookmark here

"I'll catch you don't worry. We'll go to the pipes faster together."Bookmark here

"Alright, thank you for understanding our situation."Bookmark here

"Don't thank me just yet."Bookmark here

He looked around again and started moving towards the prisoner in front of us. I was waiting for the sign to come in my place. The man winked at the prisoner in front of him and suddenly threw a shoulder. For a little while, I didn't know what it was, but then I realized it was all planned. He knew he was going to get hit and he let him do that. Then they started a fake and noisy fight between them.Bookmark here

The prisoners were screaming. The soldiers went to them to separate them so that there would be no problems. Several soldiers, including soldiers in front of the entrance, gathered around the prisoners. He gave me a signal to go to the entrance with his head. I quickly managed to enter the entrance without being seen by anyone.Bookmark here

After I passed, he made a small move with the prisoner who had created the fake incident and scattered the dust around.Bookmark here

The dust made me invisible to the guardians for a short time. The soldiers couldn't see around them. He approached me, turning this chaos and dust to his advantage.Bookmark here

He said while gasping for air,Bookmark here

"Let's find your friends."Bookmark here

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