Chapter 34:

The Burden In Our Hearts

Wolf Bloodline

--Loop Mines, twenty-four hours after the incident--Bookmark here

The First Epic and elite soldiers came to the mines after hearing about the collapse of the Loop mines.Bookmark here

First Epic told the third elite soldier,Bookmark here

"Did you find out what happened here?"Bookmark here

"Yes, sir. The prisoners rioted at an unexpected moment."Bookmark here

"Rebellion? They're too weak to survive the rebellion."Bookmark here

"One of the prisoners did not defeat the guard. They say a young man from outside beat him."Bookmark here

The First Epic looked at the keeper's body and said,Bookmark here

"So the boy we are looking for did this?"Bookmark here

"How can you be sure, sir?"Bookmark here

"No one in this kingdom is ignorant enough to defy me. As an elite soldier, you must know that. But the problem is why he wanted to save the people here."Bookmark here

First elite soldier, turned his head to the First Epic,Bookmark here

"Or? Could they be building a force against you?"Bookmark here

The First Epic laughed,Bookmark here

"So they want to fight? Then we'll give them what they want. Tell all the soldiers to prepare for battle. I'll show them pain."Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

--Nest of the Cronus lineage--Bookmark here

I was holding Xolis's farewell letter in my hand. I still hadn't given it to his parents because I was nervous. After Xolis's death, giving it to his family would make them feel bad. But I had to give it to them.Bookmark here

When I was thinking about how I should give this to them, Hiroshi approached me,Bookmark here

"Hey, fluffy panda! It'll be late for some things if you think about whether or not you'll give the letter. If you are not ready enough, I can give it to them."Bookmark here

I smiled and said,Bookmark here

"Calm down, calm down, don't worry, Hiroshi-san, I can give the letter."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and left.Bookmark here

So I made my way to Xolis's house without wasting any more time.Bookmark here

After walking around 6-7 minutes I arrived at his house. Their house was pretty small and cute. So this was Xolis-san's house? I gathered myself and without much waiting, I knocked on the door and walked in.Bookmark here

There were a girl, a boy and a woman in the house. The kids were running around all the time. The young woman, on the other hand, stopped them and occasionally took care of her other business.Bookmark here

It was obvious that she had received news of Xolis's death. But she was still happy in front of her children. After she took care of her children, I approached her and said,Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but can I talk to you in private?"Bookmark here

"Yes, of course. Akami, Runo, go play in your room, Ok?"Bookmark here

After the children left the room, I continued to talk,Bookmark here

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I am Babu."Bookmark here

"Pleased to meet you, Babu-san. I'm Hotaru."Bookmark here

She was smiling all the time, she was a very nice woman.Bookmark here

"I wanted to talk to you, but I didn't want to come when you were busy or didn't want to talk yet."Bookmark here

"No, not at all. I can talk right now. And I can take care of those two too. No matter how energetic they are, they listen to me. They're my life energy."Bookmark here

After that, her expression turned into a serious one, she said,Bookmark here

"What did you want to talk about, Babu-san?"Bookmark here

By taking the letter out of my pocket,Bookmark here

"Xolis was your husband, wasn't he? Your husband asked me to give you this."Bookmark here

Hotaru-san just froze. I understood she was too scared to take it. But she slowly picked up the letter and began to read it. Her eyes filled more when each line ended.Bookmark here

"Babu-san, Thank you for bringing this."Bookmark here

She lifted her head.Bookmark here

Tears were pouring down her flushed cheeks. Even though while saving people's lives I saw people crying. But this was the one life I couldn't save, It made me feel so bad seeing her like this.Bookmark here

"Your husband helped me a lot in the mine. If he didn't help us I don't think we could get out of there. At least I wanted to this for him."Bookmark here

After my words, she squeezed the letter harder.Bookmark here

It was very hard to say these, but at least I told the truth.Bookmark here

After my talk, she wiped away her tears quickly and said,Bookmark here

"Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?"Bookmark here

"No, thank you. I'm already chubby enough. And also I have to go, take care."Bookmark here

"Yout too, may your path be clear."Bookmark here

After the conversation, I left the house without saying anything. After I gave the letter, I felt relief. It was a peaceful relief.Bookmark here

After that I remembered, Ryuu and the others had gathered in the Leader's room to discuss the plan, so I went straight to the Leader's room.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

After Babu arrived, we all gathered again. After everyone gathered, the leader began to explain the plan.Bookmark here

"First, there's something I want you all to know. We have to do everything we've planned as fast as possible. It's only a matter of time before the First Epic finds out about us.Bookmark here

"Secondly, if we choose the location of the battle, we may have a chance to win. If we attack the castle of the First Epic, we will be defeated very easily, no matter what. His army is quite crowded and his castle is like an impassable wall."Bookmark here

"If we can change the location of the war, we may have a chance to win. People in my bloodline can camouflage themselves pretty well using the powers they have. In this way, we will have the upper hand. So if we fight in the "Getsu Forest", the advantage will be ours."Bookmark here

Getsu? I didn't found that familiar. I guess it's because I didn't get out from where I live that much. I said,Bookmark here

"Getsu forest? I never heard that."Bookmark here

"Yes, it is known as the largest forest of the first Kingdom. And no one lives in that forest, which makes it easier for us."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"I understand but how far we will travel?Bookmark here

"A hundred and twenty kilometers from where we are. And also seventy-five kilometers from the kingdom."Bookmark here

"You want to attack using trees and camouflage. It may work, but I don't think it will work with elite soldiers."Bookmark here

"My people cannot fight them, but I believe you can."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"Even if we defeat elite soldiers, The First Epic is very dangerous."Bookmark here

"Leave him to me, and I will fight him."Bookmark here

"But this is quite dangerous."Bookmark here

"I have to do this for my brother and my people. I can't let your regrets, sadness, and loss just go unrequited."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"And how do you know he'll be there?"Bookmark here

"The First Epic is a pretty arrogant person, so he will come without thinking, even if we say that the war will be in the forest. Because he's so sure that he'll win every time."Bookmark here

"And also we should never think negatively, but if we lose, it's all over. You will never leave the Kingdom, and he will kill us all without mercy along with my bloodline. So we'll fight to the end and stop it from happening."Bookmark here

I said, "I understand what you're saying, and we'll try not to let you down. But when will we carry out our plan?"Bookmark here

"One last thing needs to be done, and then we will fight the war that will determine the fate of the first Kingdom."Bookmark here

I said, "One last thing has to be done? What is it?"Bookmark here

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