Chapter 35:

Their Current Purpose

Wolf Bloodline

"Please share your plan with us."Bookmark here

Leader sighed,Bookmark here

"We can convince the first king. But I don't know if he'll be convinced. Besides, we don't have much time."Bookmark here

I thought about the situation we were in, the idea that the leader offered made sense, but if it didn't work, we wouldn't have time, and it was quite dangerous for us to go where the King lived. I looked at the leader,Bookmark here

"Leader-san, if this plan does not work, our time will be reduced, and we do not know if he will be convinced. Are you sure we should implement such a plan?"Bookmark here

"None of us knows the outcome, but if we go to war with this state, our loss rate will be fifty to fifty."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Let's just say we got lucky. If we can convince the King, what are our chances of winning?"Bookmark here

"Eighty percent, maybe ninety percent, we win the war. If the King's power is with us, our Army power will be even higher than we imagined."Bookmark here

It was a risky idea, but it wasn't in our time to lose. We had to try.Bookmark here

"How much time do we have if we leave?"Bookmark here

"If you leave now, you have to return in four days."Bookmark here

Lezlie looked surprised,Bookmark here

"Four days? But that's even less time than we might need."Bookmark here

"We've already declared war. We'll begin preparations shortly."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Why would you do that?"Bookmark here

"Of course, having limited time is bad for us to ask for help, and of course it would be good if we had some time to prepare something for war. But the same thing I said applies to them. Although we will not be able to ask for help, neither will they."Bookmark here

"Leader-san, how far is the castle of the first King from here?"Bookmark here

"If you leave now in horse-drawn carriages, you will be there by noon tomorrow."Bookmark here

Babu said, "What are you guys going to do if we can't convince them?"Bookmark here

"There's no turning back from this anymore. The war bugle has already rung."Bookmark here

I said, "All right, then, me and my friends, we'll go convince the King. I'll meet you in three days where the war will take place. Until then, try to make the necessary preparations."Bookmark here

"Then we have a deal."Bookmark here

The leader turned to his man,Bookmark here

"Tell your men to prepare the horse-drawn carriages."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir!"Bookmark here

The soldier, on the orders of the leader, left the room and went to prepare the horse-drawn carriages.Bookmark here

As we left the room, the leader grabbed my shoulder,Bookmark here

"I trust you all on this, I cannot afford to lose any more men, I have to win this war for the sake of Xolis and for my people."Bookmark here

I nodded,Bookmark here

"We'll do our best."Bookmark here

After talking to the leader, we went to the carriages. Before I got in the car Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid!"Bookmark here

"Are you sure we should ask the king for help? We can waste our time, you know that right? And we may not be able to convince the King too."Bookmark here

"I understand what you're saying, Hiroshi-san, but we have no choice but to try, do we?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,Bookmark here

"Okay, have it your way. But as I said, You have to be prepared for any situation. We are talking about the king here."Bookmark here

"Of course I will, Hiroshi-san."Bookmark here

When I thought about what Hiroshi-san said, I realized something. He didn't want to lose anyone as he did in his past. Although he was the least obvious among us, he was actually the one who thought about us the most. The more I thought about it, the more peace I felt because it showed that there were still people who cared about other people's dreams. He cared about all of us.Bookmark here

Because he was my friend. Because he was our friend.Bookmark here

Lezlie shook me slightly as I ducked into thoughts,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san! Ryuu-san! Did you hear me?"Bookmark here

I turned my head and said,Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Lezlie smiled and said,Bookmark here

"I asked how we would convince The First King-sama. Do you have any ideas in mind?Bookmark here

"I don't have an idea yet, I think we'll improvise as usual."Bookmark here

Lezlie smiled and said, "I actually have an idea for it!"Bookmark here

I said, "An idea?"Bookmark here

"I went there with my mother a long time ago. The houses are quite tall. If we go through the rooftops to the castle, we won't stand out."Bookmark here

Babu scratched his chin and said,Bookmark here

"But Lezlie-chan, what is the distance between the houses?"Bookmark here

"Not much, it can be easily jumped."Bookmark here

"I'm really relieved that you said that."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

Babu-san said while touching his belly, "Because I don't want to get too tired before the war. I've lost a lot of weight since I met you, people."Bookmark here

Hiroshi, lying next to Babu, gently lifted his head,Bookmark here

"You look the same to me as you did in the first place."Bookmark here

"Ah! Because I had a little snack before I left."Bookmark here

"I think that's a good thing, that means you're on a panda diet, right?"Bookmark here

"Pandas do not diet, according to pandas, diet is officially madness."Bookmark here

It was really heart-warming air. Babu-San's positive air covered everything around us, Lezlie-san and I were listening to Babu-san smiling, and even Hiroshi-san listened to Babu calmly.Bookmark here

We continued on the carriage until morning, after a while the person driving the carriage stopped the carriage,Bookmark here

"I've been assigned to drop you here, and it's up to you from here."Bookmark here

We began to walk slowly down the carriage. After a short walk, Lezlie called out to us,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san! Hiroshi-san! Babu-san! Come and look at this!"Bookmark here

We went where Lezlie was, and we saw something amazing. We were on a hill, and the whole kingdom seemed right in front of us. From the hill, we could see all over the entire kingdom. The four of us lined up side by side, looked at the kingdom.Bookmark here

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