Chapter 36:

Entrance To The Castle

Wolf Bloodline

In the back streets of the Kingdom, we made our way to the castle with our heads covered in black cloaks. The place was filled with soldiers of the First Epic. We couldn't keep using the roads to get to the castle, so we decided to go up to the roofs of the houses, doing as Lezlie said.Bookmark here

When we got to the roof, Hiroshi made a sign with his hand,Bookmark here

"Here is the gate of the castle. But it looks like there's more than one soldier in front of the entrance. We may have to find another way in."Bookmark here

Babu pointed at the top of the castle,Bookmark here

"There is a balcony in the upper left corner of the castle. If we jump high enough, we can get through there."Bookmark here

"Forget it, we can't all jump in there, and even if we enter the balcony, there is a locked door in front of it. If we break it, we'll be caught very quickly."Bookmark here

I started thinking, putting my hand on my chin. But I didn't have an idea. After observing the surroundings for a while, we retreated to an abandoned house to avoid being too conspicuous and kept thinking.Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar, stood in front of the window, and continued to look at the castle. We were all thinking about what to do next.Bookmark here

When I looked around, I saw a long bamboo and a short rope on the floor. These brought an idea to my mind.Bookmark here

"If we use the rope with this bamboo, maybe we can make a seesaw, so I can throw you all on the balcony."Bookmark here

"Even if you do, we can't get through the door, Kid."Bookmark here

Lezlie put the book on the table,Bookmark here

"Here I found it! Lock-breaking Magic! If I use this, I can easily open the door there!"Bookmark here

Hiroshi took his cigar out of his mouth,Bookmark here

"It might work. After an hour, when it gets dark, we will implement the plan. But this time we have to be very quiet, we don't have the luxury of being caught."Bookmark here

Everyone went into a corner and sat down. Then we quietly waited for the time to come. I was watching the moon.Bookmark here

I haven't looked at the stars and the moon like that in a long time. Lezlie approached me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san, How do you feel?"Bookmark here

"I feel pretty good, I'm sure things will go well."Bookmark here

"That's what I'm hoping. But I'm afraid that Hiroshi-San, Babu-San, or you will get hurt or we will get in trouble. I'm hoping that things will go well."Bookmark here

When we were talking, Hiroshi approached us,Bookmark here

"Time to go, get ready."Bookmark here

I got the equipment on my back and went back to the roof. Hiroshi turned his head to me,Bookmark here

"We'll set the seesaw right here."Bookmark here

"Are you sure about this, Hiroshi-san? It looks like we're pretty far from the castle."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm sure, and it's easier to aim from here."Bookmark here

By doing what Hiroshi said, Babu and I built a seesaw. After when we did everything, Hiroshi put out his cigar and approached us,Bookmark here

"Babu, you are coming with us."Bookmark here

Then he turned to me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu, you will throw us to the balcony."Bookmark here

Babu said, "But Hiroshi-san, I'm heavier than Ryuu-Kun."Bookmark here

"The important thing here is not to fly, but to distract."Bookmark here

I said, "But are we going to do that, Hiroshi-san?"Bookmark here

"Babu will throw you as high as possible. And when you're in the air, you're gonna go down as fast as you can and hit the seesaw with all of your power."Bookmark here

"But it can even tear up this old house!"Bookmark here

"As I said, our goal is not only to fly but also to distract. A lot of soldiers, maybe all of them, will gather here when the house is destroyed. That way we'll never be noticed."Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"Good plan, but how will Ryuu-kun catch up to us?"Bookmark here

"He won't catch up with us. If the soldiers don't find anyone here when the house collapses, they'll let the others know. That would be a nuisance to us."Bookmark here

"Listen! The Plan is, after Ryuu demolishes the house, he will fight the soldiers who hear the sound and come here and attract as many soldiers as possible. That'll make our job easier. Understood?"Bookmark here

"But then Ryuu-Kun will be caught."Bookmark here

"Even if he gets caught, they won't do anything to him."Bookmark here

"How do you know?"Bookmark here

"His Wanted poster says that he's wanted alive."Bookmark here

"Whoever's looking for Ryuu must be a strong guy. Because not many people can give that authority. Even the First Epic."Bookmark here

Then Hiroshi-san looked at us with a very serious expression,Bookmark here

"Only one person can do this, and it's Miron. The Hunter of The Wolf bloodline."Bookmark here

Babu said, "What does that mean?"Bookmark here

That made my heart sank, I was horrified, How could he know about me this fast?Bookmark here

"It means he knows where I am."Bookmark here

"Ryuu is right, from now on, Miron, The Wolf Hunter, is after us."Bookmark here

Lezlie said, "This can't be."Bookmark here

He saw all of us scared, and changed the subject,Bookmark here

"Anyways, If Ryuu is caught, they will put him in the dungeon. Since we will be in the castle, we can easily save him."Bookmark here

Babu said, "What if the First Epic is here, or it's too close to here, then we don't have a chance to save him."Bookmark here

"You may be right about this, but when Ryuu throws us, he has to find something to throw himself, even if he uses his power, he can't cross those walls."Bookmark here

I wanted to go with them too, but it was our only chance, So I said,Bookmark here

"You guys have to go, I'll catch up with you there."Bookmark here

Lezlie said, "But, Ryuu-san how?"Bookmark here

"Leave it to me, we've wasted enough time here."Bookmark here

Although not everyone wanted to approve the idea I presented, they had to approve because they had no other idea in their minds. Babu hold me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-kun, Are you ready?"Bookmark here

I turned to Babu and with a smile on my face,Bookmark here

"Yep, I was born ready."Bookmark here

Hiroshi made a stop sign with his hand,Bookmark here

"Be careful Kid, we'll wait for you there."Bookmark here

"All right, you be careful too, Hiroshi-san."Bookmark here

I gave Babu a signal with my head and told him to throw me. Babu grabbed my hands and threw me into the air with all his might. And then they all climbed on the seesaw and waited for me to fall. I took a somersault in the air and joined both my legs to the ground as if they were whole. Then I made a quick landing on the ground.Bookmark here

As soon as my feet touched the seesaw, all three of them suddenly flew to the balcony. I was afraid the bamboo would break, but it didn't. I hit the other side of the seesaw and threw them on a balcony of the castle. With my kick, I managed to tear down the old house along with the seesaw.Bookmark here

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