Chapter 37:

An Uninvited Guest

Wolf Bloodline

We managed to fly all the way to the castle balcony when Ryuu hit the seesaw. When I looked at Panda and The girl, they didn't have any injuries. A short time later, we heard the sound of the house being demolished. The Plan was working as we thought. The soldiers became alarmed and began to make their way there.Bookmark here

What the boy did catch the attention of quite a lot of soldiers.Bookmark here

"That Kid, I hope he makes it."Bookmark here

The girl turned to me and said,Bookmark here

"Are we going to wait for Ryuu-San to catch up with us?"Bookmark here

"We don't have time, let's go inside, I know that kid will catch up with us."Bookmark here

Then we headed for the door. The girl slowly leaned over the door and using her magic, she managed to quietly break the lock.Bookmark here

After that, we entered the castle without losing any more time.Bookmark here

It was incredibly large and had multiple rooms. Babu got surprised by what he saw and said,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, how do we find out where the King is?"Bookmark here

"The king is probably in his own room. He is probably working on some plans, after all, it's his safe place."Bookmark here

Lezlie said, "Oh! I just remembered. As we entered the kingdom, I heard two soldiers talking about today's speech. The King was preparing to make a public speech in the throne room."Bookmark here

Babu said, "I hope this has nothing to do with the leader's declaration of war. Otherwise, we won't have much luck."Bookmark here

"Maybe, but the important thing is that we convince the king if we take the king against us. It'll be over before the war starts."Bookmark here

After our conversation, we continued to search inside the castle. The castle was not like any castle I had seen before, it was much larger than the other castles. Its walls were made of material so hard as not to fall down.Bookmark here

After walking for a while, I saw five portraits on the wall of a hallway we entered. Under the portraits I saw were the names of each of them and who they were.Bookmark here

The people in the portrait were the Kings who ruled the kingdoms. But the fifth portrait was scrawled, with no name or any information. At the time, the girl looked at the portraits and said,Bookmark here

"This portrait of the five brothers is a portrait made when the Kings established their own kingdom."Bookmark here

"So, why is the fifth scribbled?"Bookmark here

"I think it was Yores who should have been there."Bookmark here

"The man who started the war?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's him. But he was rejected by his brothers because of his betrayal to his father, his deal with the destruction lineage and also because of the war he had caused."Bookmark here

"So who rules the fifth Kingdom now?Bookmark here

"No one knows, only the only known thing is that he no longer had any kinship with the Kings and ruled the most powerful kingdom, The Fifth Kingdom. That's all."Bookmark here

Suddenly Babu called out to us and made a come here sign with his hand,Bookmark here

"Hey guys, the throne room is this way."Bookmark here

When we approached him, he showed us a big door and three guards standing in front of us. I distracted the guards with a little whistle.Bookmark here

As the guards approached me, Babu suddenly appeared behind them, knocking all three out with one kick. Before I opened the door, I looked around,Bookmark here

I said, "There's something strange here."Bookmark here

Babu said, "What do you mean, Hiroshi-san?"Bookmark here

"Only three keepers in the entire kingdom? This is absolutely ridiculous."Bookmark here

"Maybe everyone is preparing for war. After all, war has already been declared."Bookmark here

"I don't know. But we must be prepared for any situation. Don't let your guard down for a second."Bookmark here

We were about to open the door, but there was something wrong. After a brief thought,Bookmark here

"Let's open that door and see what happens."Bookmark here

Babu and I opened the big door and entered slowly. It was a pretty big room. And right in front of us stood a throne.Bookmark here

There was a person sitting on the throne, but we couldn't see his face because of the shadows.Bookmark here

He said,Bookmark here

"Who are you, why did you come here?"Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"My king, we apologize for the inconvenience, but I need to talk to you about something important."Bookmark here

"Help? what kind of help are you asking me for at a time like this?"Bookmark here

"There's a war coming soon. And unfortunately, we are a part of this war. We want you to join the war and support us."Bookmark here

"And who will you fight this war against?"Bookmark here

"Against The First Epic."Bookmark here

"Do you know who the First Epic is?"Bookmark here

"I know, but we've already made up our decisions."Bookmark here

"And do you know what he can do?"Bookmark here

"I know, that's why we came here to ask for your help!"Bookmark here

The king suddenly laughed madly,Bookmark here

"Let me tell you something important about him, the First Epic is indestructible."Bookmark here

What he said made us all nervous. I knew something was wrong here.Bookmark here

The person between the shadows showed his head,Bookmark here

"So you think you can beat me, how pathetic!"Bookmark here

Lezlie screamed out of nowhere,Bookmark here


After Lezlie said that, I immediately pulled out my gun and pointed it at him. The first epic looked at me through the shadows and kept laughing. And then he got up and started approaching us.Bookmark here

"So you came here to ask the king for help. I have sad news for you. The king is already on my side."Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"This... This can't be..."Bookmark here

"Right, you're right, it shouldn't be happening, but with powerful spells, you can make anyone do what you want."Bookmark here

After the words of Epic, the door to the room opened slowly, and someone entered.Bookmark here

It was the king himself who came in.Bookmark here

The King's eyes were empty, like a dead man, his skin was discolored and white, he could barely breathe, almost resembling a dead man.Bookmark here

Lezlie looked at me,Bookmark here

"This is one of black magic. Only powerful sorcerers can use it. With this black magic, you can easily control a person's mind and body."Bookmark here

"Do you know how to break his control?"Bookmark here

She turned to me with a serious expression,Bookmark here

"The spell cannot be broken until you kill the person who cast the spell."Bookmark here

On the other hand The First Epic, he continued to laugh,Bookmark here

"Do you want to know who made this controlling spell? It was Jixus, the one who attacked your village. And, of course, if I'm not mistaken, he took your precious mother away from you. I was the one who gave him that order. Even if he didn't do a very good job, he helped me a lot."Bookmark here

When I looked back at Lezlie, her eyes became very horrifying. Tears fell slowly from her eyes and she squeezed her hands with anger. Even if she had a beautiful and gentle face, just looking at her scary gaze would fill anyone's heart with fear. She was filled with anger. The First Epic was just looking at her and grinning,Bookmark here

"I can feel the anger in you, you want to kill me, don't you? Go ahead, try it, come and attack me."Bookmark here

I've had enough of these stupid words. and I pulled the trigger and fired. Lezlie and Babu looked at me surprised. I've hit that jackass right in the eye.Bookmark here

"Hey, asshole! Sooner or later, you'll be punished for what you did. You can't pin your tail forever and run away. Someone will defy you one day. And fortunately for you, that day came across us."Bookmark here

Because of my bullet, his head was slightly tilted back. But the wound healed within seconds, and his hideous smile was back to its former state. He looked at me,Bookmark here

"Human beings, they are always the same."Bookmark here

In a second, he came up to me, squeezed my throat, lifted me up in the air,Bookmark here

"The only reason I didn't kill you is that I needed you to find out where your friend is. But you're pushing my patience too hard."Bookmark here

He threw me against the hard walls of the castle with just using a little force.Bookmark here

Then he slowly wiped the blood around his eye and said,Bookmark here

"This kingdom is mine, only mine!"Bookmark here

Elena Parker
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