Chapter 38:

Surviving With Just A Scratch

Wolf Bloodline

We couldn't escape the trap, that the first epic has prepared for us, they caught us in seconds and locked us in a place like a dungeon. They tied our hands with chains hanging on the wall.Bookmark here

The dungeon we were in was pretty dark and pretty quiet. We didn't think we would fall into a dungeon this quickly. And I knew this was going to affect our plan very badly.Bookmark here

After a while, The First Epic and three elite soldiers entered the dungeon.Bookmark here

Those three elite soldiers are pretty dangerous people. Even if they were not as strong as the first epic, they were quite strong for other normal soldiers.Bookmark here

The dungeon we were in lit up after The First Epic ordered the elite soldier to light up the environment.Bookmark here

Then the First Epic approached us,Bookmark here

"Now tell me, Where is your "famous friend", young boy?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"You're questioning us, even though you can't learn anything from any of us. You're dumber than I thought, partner."Bookmark here

The First Epic laughed,Bookmark here

"Oh! Don't worry, I don't just waste my time on things that are a waste of time. You know I'll find the answer sooner or later."Bookmark here

"I'd love to play with all of you, but I don't have much time. So I'll start with the person who volunteered."Bookmark here

The First Epic used the power of his magic to lift Hiroshi into the air. A purple spell covered Hiroshi's hands and feet.Bookmark here

"Let's see how long you can stand this torture."Bookmark here

He slowly began to close his hand, and the more his hand closed, the more Hiroshi's cries of pain grew. But no matter how much he suffered, he was neither begging nor reacting.Bookmark here

Lezlie yelled, "Hiroshi-san!"Bookmark here

"So you're name is Hiroshi. Nice to meet you, Hiroshi."Bookmark here

The First Epic increased the power of the spell he used every second, causing Hiroshi-San even more pain.Bookmark here

"So tell me, Hiroshi, will you tell me where the young boy is?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi-san said nothing,Bookmark here

"I see. Hiroshi. A cowboy like you has really good eyes, But It's a shame although you can use your eyes as a marksman, you can't use them to see the real situation. A shame, really."Bookmark here

The First Epic made his hand a fist and slowly opened a wound from Hiroshi-San's forehead to below his eye.Bookmark here

Hiroshi-San's face was covered in blood. But even though he screamed and suffered pain, he was still silent.Bookmark here

After a few seconds of silence, Hiroshi-san smiled,Bookmark here

"Even if you're the First Epic, you still don't realize the danger that's coming to you."Bookmark here

He looked at The First Epic and said,Bookmark here

"What a shame."Bookmark here

Suddenly an ordinary soldier entered the room,Bookmark here

"Sir, the castle is under attack!"Bookmark here

"How could this happen?"Bookmark here

"We don't know, sir, but according to our information, we have learned that people from Cronus Lineage attacked your castle along with a young kid."Bookmark here

The eyes of The First Epic have become frightening,Bookmark here

"Were there no soldiers in the castle? I'm sick of your carelessness."Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, Sir. They're all already on their way to the war."Bookmark here

"Order them to return. First and second, get ready, we're going back to the castle. Jixus, you stay here. Get the king to execute them in front of the people, then take the king and the army and meet me at the castle."Bookmark here

He turned to him again and said,Bookmark here

"If you fail, I may have to think of something painful for you."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir!"Bookmark here

"Let's go."Bookmark here

After the news, everyone in the room left. They left Me, Hiroshi, and Lezlie in the darkroom and locked the door. I had to get out of my chains and help Hiroshi and Lezlie. I tried many times, but I couldn't get rid of them.Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, Lezlie-chan, hang on, I'm about to open the lock."Bookmark here

Lezlie looked at me,Bookmark here

Lezlie said with a calm but anxious tone, "Babu-san, for now, all we can do is wait. I don't want to say it, but there's nothing we can do right now."Bookmark here

I was still trying, "You might be right Lezlie-chan, but we can't just sit around and wait."Bookmark here

After my words, sounds started coming out of the door. Before I knew it, the door broke down, there were two unconscious soldiers lying on the door.Bookmark here

And at that moment, someone appeared through the lights, wearing a normal soldier's suit, but when he raised his head, we saw a familiar face.Bookmark here

It was Ryuu.Bookmark here

Ryuu quickly approached us, broke the chains, and said,Bookmark here

"We don't have much time, we have to go!"Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san, how did you get here? We heard you were at war."Bookmark here

"They're all lies, I had to tell a lie like that to distract them."Bookmark here

Ryuu gave me a small bag,Bookmark here

"There are healing plants in it, will it be enough for Hiroshi-san?"Bookmark here

I nodded,Bookmark here

"Yeah, these are good enough, they'll do my job."Bookmark here

I immediately went to Hiroshi and made a painkiller with medicinal plants, and then covered his wounds with cloths, and made a bandage for his eye. Ryuu approached me and said,Bookmark here

"Will Hiroshi-san be okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes, he's got abrasions, but he's fine, only the wound in his eye is deep but other than that, the painkillers will take effect in two hours."Bookmark here

"Babu-san, Can you carry him?"Bookmark here

"Of course."Bookmark here

"That's good, we're getting out of here."Bookmark here

Hiroshi grabbed my arm,Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid... We can still disarm the black magic above the King."Bookmark here

"What do you mean, Hiroshi-san?"Bookmark here

"As Lezlie told to us, if we defeat the man who cast black magic, we can restore the king to his former state, and then convince him to join the war. I heard the First Epic talking about it. All of them except that Jixus guy and a few dozen soldiers are returning to the castle, even that asshole First Epic."Bookmark here

Ryuu then turned to me,Bookmark here

"Can you fight, Babu-san?"Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"No, Babu-san should stay here with Hiroshi-San. He's much better at healing than me."Bookmark here

"It's too dangerous!"Bookmark here

"Please, Ryuu-san. Don't expect me to wait after what that man said about my mother. I need you to let me help you!"Bookmark here

"Well, then. Let's go."Bookmark here

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